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Affiliate Programs with Phone Tracking


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I am completely new to this site. I am already an affiliate with ADT, Dish and Direct TV. I was wondering if anyone knew of any other affiliates that have a phone in option. I have 4 papers in S. Ohio where I can run classified and display advertising. There are still a lot of people in this area that do not have internet service or are hesitant of doing something online, they will however do things on the phone.
Any help would be appreciated.

Dan Robinson
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Linda Buquet

Hi Dan,

Welcome to 5 Star.

That's a great question. Most programs don't track phone orders but some of the more pro-active programs do, if they get lots of phone orders.

I don't know of a list of program that offer phone tracking. Here are couple of our 5 Star programs that do (off the top of my head, there are probably more.) Dish Network, DirectTv, Comcast Cable and Vonage. Sroll down under Join us Today and it says:
Dedicated toll free numbers for all affiliate sales for increased conversions.
They also have Flyers * Door hangers * Postcards

JoeBucks has phone tracking too. Affiliate Programs by Joe Bucks