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Affiliate Program Listing Sites-how to make $$?



Searching for the different affiliate programs out there, you inevitably stumble upon numerous sites that simply lists the various affiliate programs that are out there. Do these sites get some type of referral fee when affiliate marketers sign up for XYZ affiliate program through a link on their site or is it only profitable for them with multi-tiered programs.

I'm trying to get my arms around how much, if any, of a revenue stream is possible in developing this sort of site. I know the competition is tough, i'm just curious. I know Stephen and Linda have similar type sites and would love some candid feedback (if you're willing to share) on the potential for this type of site. Thanks.

Linda Buquet

The traditional affiliate directory makes most of their money on 2nd tier commissions which I doubt is very lucative at all. Some of them also make money on paid ad spots on the directory. I view traditional affiliate directories as pretty competitive and hard to keep up for the amount of money you could make in return. That's just my guess.

5 Star is much different and is not a typical affiliate directory. I'm more of a consultant and do lots more than just put up a listing or a banner - plus my service is very exclusive and I turn away 99.99% of the programs that want to advertise on 5 star. I'm very selective and merchants have to meet a variety of criteria mainly centered around how honest they are and how pro-affiliate their commissions and policies are. So in my case I don't get paid per affiliate and I don't accept any 2nd tier commission. My clients pay for my service monthly.

Even though I have the rep to do a large open affiliate directory, I doubt I ever would. Don't think it would be worth the effort. Just IMHO. Actually I've thought about doing one just for the traffic and links, but I don't think there'd be enough money in it to do it just for the money. I'm not sure it would be that good of a place to put your energy.