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Affiliate PPC Wisdom - Must Read Tips

Linda Buquet

Amit over at the Super Affiliate Mindset Blog has some GREAT TIPS about doing Adwords or any other PPC affiliate marketing.

"You know, there are so many aspects of ppc affiliate marketing that are incredibly simple, yet the average affiliate continues to mess them up. Let me give you an example, here’s how EASY it is to optimize your bid prices (once you have Google Conversion Tracking in place)..."

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"In order to get an accurate gauge of how well a keyword/adgroup converts and what its actually Cost/Conv. is, you have to let the keyword/adgroup accumulate AT LEAST 300 to 500 clicks, before you decide to pause it completely, or bid it up or down.

If you let fear control you, and control your decision making, than you’ll NEVER become a super affiliate until you overcome that fear."
We have affiliates comes here all the time saying I just blew PPC money. I got 60 clicks and no one bought anything. Heed the advice above.

Your thoughts???


There are so many little details to PPC advertising, that if you don't implement even one sometimes, the results can be very disappointing.

I would very much recommend anyone starting PPC ads to read a good guide BEFORE starting any campaigns. My best recommendation for that is Perry Marshall's guide.

I don't want to discourage people from using PPC. There are a lot of details to consider, BUT, they are not rocket science and the key is to risk as little as possible when starting a campaign, fail quickly, revise or move on to another campaign.

The most successful PPC'ers are the ones doing good research on their market, testing, tweaking, testing more, tweaking more, repeat.

Linda Buquet

You can also get lots of FREE advice at the source.

Amazing how many buy ebooks when they have not even studied all thats available right at Google.

Google Adwords Learning Center.
AdWords Learning Center

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