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Affiliate Pop-Ups? - Stolen Commission


New Member
Why is it that when I visit my blog on Myspace, abd I click on my links to see if their working, another affiliates page will pop up in front of mine, after a few seconds??????? please help me, my sales are being stolen!!!!!!!!!

Linda Buquet

Sorry Dwight - that TOTALLY sucks.

What you are describing sounds like a parasite or another affiliate using adware to pop over your ads.

Whatever it is YOU have it downloaded on your computer or you would not be seeing the pops. Only people that have the software will see the pops.
Can you view source or strip the link to tell what software is serving it???

I just blogged about a MERCHANT that was actually popping over their own affiliate's site and stealing their commission too.

Is it just one affiliate program? Which one???


New Member
Clickbank only

It seems like it'sonly Clickbank ones such as ultimate wealth package, The Rich Jerk are the two I promote, and they both have pop ups about 3 seconds after clicking, so the person is likely going to go to the page that is over the other one!

Well thanks Linda your awesome, and im finally starting to see some revenue thanks for al your help!