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Affiliate Outline - Step-by-step Guide for Newbies

Linda Buquet

A lot of you might know Tim Schroeder from the webmaster scene and as the owner of <a target="_new" href=""></a> What a lot of you don't know is that Tim has been quietly making a nice living (I'm talking six-figures) through affiliate marketing for years now.

Tim Schroeder has just released his first "How-To" ebook titled <strong><a target="_new" href="">Affiliate Outline</a></strong>. It's a well-written step-by-step guide to making money online through affiliate marketing.

The biggest problem with most affiliate marketing ebooks is that they are either too basic for experienced affiliates or too advanced for beginning affiliates. In Affiliate Outline, Tim bridges that gap. It starts at the very beginning of the process for those brand new to affiliate marketing (answering all the Whats, Wheres and Hows). It ends with some more advanced, eye-opening techniques that could significantly increase your current affiliate income.

Some of the topics include:

? An in-depth overview of what affiliate programs are and how they work.
? The basics on getting started with affiliate marketing.
? How to find the right affiliate programs.
? The affiliate marketing tools and resources the experts are using.
? Marketing your new affiliate marketing cash machine.
? Several more advanced affiliate marketing tips and secrets.

I usually don't recommend ebooks here at 5 Star. However, the Affiliate Outline ebook includes less hype and fluff and more concrete ideas, resources and tools that every affiliate can (and should) be using. Overall, I'd say it's pretty good, especially for new affiliates that have been bamboozled before with ebooks that either go over their heads or just plain miss the mark!

To read more about Affiliate Outline or purchase your copy, visit: <a target="_new" href=""></a>
(Nope that's not an affiliate link)