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Affiliate Marketing

Discussion in 'Display Media Buying' started by espmartin, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. espmartin

    espmartin Affiliate affiliate

    Its not a secret that real money can be made with affiliate
    marketing. Of course, some affilate programs are much better
    than others, and some of them are simply spam-ridden. But all
    in all, they're worth at least considering.

    So I have two questions for you all:

    • How many of you webmasters monetize your sites by joining in affiliate marketing?
    • How many affiliate programs are you a part of?
    • Which have been the most successful (in sales AND/OR traffic)?

    PS: What happened to BBCode???
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  2. newbidder
  3. OldWelshGuy

    OldWelshGuy Affiliate affiliate

    I have one single page that is earning me £60 a day. it was earning me £120 a day before the credit crunch.

    Whilst I am happy to be 100% open with regard SEO etc, with something as specific as my sites and the specific schemes I use, I would have to be nuts to simply put it all on a plate after all the failures I have suffered to find the cream ;)
  4. SkinnerW

    SkinnerW Affiliate affiliate

    Properly selected affiliate program can bring in some nice income, much more than Adsense and such... I had good payments from CJ for some referrals.

    Again, most important part is to choose good products/services directly related to content of your site.
  5. ukshopsnet

    ukshopsnet Affiliate affiliate


    I tend to use feeds nowadays as I see greatest results from these, namely an espotting directory feed via OMGUK and also adsense. I also have a finance site, so I use OMGUK and Smart-Quotes affiliate networks and I am associated with most of the offerings of those networks.
  6. Fashion Unplug

    Fashion Unplug Affiliate affiliate

    I'm interested in affiliate marketing, but was wondering whether I should jump straight into it or should I wait till my blog has more viewers because its new. I heard that there are actually time frames for affiliate marketing, are there?
  7. SkinnerW

    SkinnerW Affiliate affiliate

    I would say it's better to define ad space in your design right from the beginning.

    Some affiliate programs may cancel your account if there is no activity after certain period of time...

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