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Hello Everyone,

Affiliate Marketing Rules! But besides that, let me introduce myself. I live in Florida and Im new to Affiliate Marketing. A student in my Web Design class told me about Affiliate Marketing and ever since then I have been interested in persuing it. It has taken me a while to figure out where to start because there are so many options to choose from. But after searching the internet and buying some ebooks I have learned about some cheap and easy ways to make money online. I really enjoy this stuff and I cant wait to make the most of it! Anyways, thats all I have to say for now but thanks for reading my post.

Cameron Rife


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Welcome to 5 Star, Cameron.

A couple of things caught my attention. One was that you are new to affiliate marketing and the other was that you bought some ebooks and learned some cheap and easy ways to earn money online.

Since you are new to affiliate marketing, the first thing I would suggest is for you to go to our Newbie Affiliate Forum and read everything there that you possibly can. Pay extra attention to the threads that are "Sticky." There is good information there and it is all free.

A lot of the information in ebooks will send people in the wrong direction and with the false impression that they can make billions of dollars a second by just blinking their eyes.

After you have done some reading in the Newbie Affiliate Forum, you should ask some quesitons. You should not ask them here in the Introduce Yourself Forum since it is just for introductions and welcome messages.

You can ask about some of the great information in the Newbie Affiliate Forum. One important key to doing well with affiliate marketing is to avoid making mistakes when possible. You can do that by asking questions.

Here is a link to our Newbie Affiliate Forum

Linda Buquet

Hi Cameron,

Welcome to 5 Star, we're glad you found us. Larwee has some great advice for you. Hope we can help you learn to earn even more.