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Has anyone ever tried selling a product offline, like at a conference or summit, in a booth for an affiliate program?

I guess an easy example would be, you sign up for an affiliate program for a dog lovers ebook and you go try to sell it at a dog show.

Even if you havn't done this before, have you thought about it? what were some of the obsticals that you came out with your couldnt over come?

Maybe we can all join together to over come these obsticals together!

Linda Buquet

One of my client's affiliate programs is very well suited to offline marketing. They have a whole marketing portal where affiliates can print up post cards, flyers and stuff with their affiliate ID. I've talked to affiliates that did newspaper ads and other types of offline marketing.


offline guerrilla marketing

Most of my Offline promoting has been of the guerrilla style such as flyers, posters, newspaper ads, yearbook advertisments. I tried radio once but you really have to have a major budget and run it for a long time.
I printed my domain address on 100 sweatshirts one winter and donated them to a homeless shelter in downtown Atlanta. I got a lot of negative feedback but the extra money i made more was more than enough to cover the shirts and pay my christmas expenses.