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Linda Buquet

Ever feel your online business hasn't reached the level of success you strive for? <strong>Could be you need to get in touch with your <font color="#FF9933">Inner Misfit!</font></strong> Let me explain...

Internet marketers are a rare breed. I know many affiliate marketers that are uber sharp and successful that could never make it in the "real world" of business. In fact many times the reason they end up in an online businesses is because they are independent rebels, too eccentric or too creative and unique to fit into the corporate grind. Think about it, how many online associates do you know seems to have ADHD or OCD and would get fired in a heartbeat if they had a J.O.B? Many of the characteristics that would make them a corporate liability are a major asset to their online success.

I pride myself on being an online entrepreneur and would never go back to working for "the man" for any amount of money! I'd live on the streets before I would go back to office politics and water cooler chit chat. I know many of you are just like me! So you may really relate to and get pleasure from reading John Carlton's article about <strong><a href="">Misfits In Charge</a></strong>.
<blockquote>"The entire playing field has changed, drastically. In traditional corporate environments, the people who rise to positions of authority and power (and high salaries) are often the jerks who know how to play ?the game? at work. Kiss ***, take credit for other people?s efforts, avoid responsibility for failure, stab co-workers in the back, etc. The biz-as-usual soap opera.

<strong>Online, however, you?re essentially naked except for your brain. There?s no corporate game to play? and none of the skills that normally shoot a person up the ladder are relevant.</strong>

<font color="#FF9933">Online, being good looking, or suave, or a good worker, or even likeable won?t win you any victories.</font>

<strong>Online, the misfits have the advantage. They can create their own attention paradigms, set their own standards, and take their biz directly to people who want what they offer</strong>? with nary an intervening newspaper, magazine, television standards and practices attorney, politician, store shelf position, billboard or sweet talking salesman to harsh anyone?s mellow."</blockquote>
Think outside the box, make a paradigm shift, dare to be different...
Let the Misfit in you come out to play today!