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Gold Affiliate Expert Week Archives.

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by K, Nov 27, 2013.

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  1. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Affiliate Expert Week Archives.


    Affiliate marketing experts weeks is an original concept thought out by the team here at AffiliateFix. Never before has this been done and we're extremely excited to see how things pan out. The idea is that we invite an experienced and well rounded affiliate to be our guest of honour for one week. Now by guest of honour we don't mean they get to sit around and be waited on, in-fact it's quite the opposite.

    Each expert has agreed to devote their week to AffiliateFix and it's members in order to communicate and educate with our members. This is completely free of charge to all members on the site and the experts will be active once a day during their weeks to answer your questions. Each time we run an expert week, we will devote a new forum at the top of the site to that expert. It is in this forum where you will be encouraged to post your questions, follow alongs and anything you wish the expert to cast an eye on for you.

    Read in full.


    Charles Ngo
    KJ Rocker
    Zac Johnson
    Greg Davis
    Jay and Tuan SMASH
    Lukasz Jasiak
    Rohail Rizvi
    Cash Money Affiliate
    Tim Burd
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  2. Voluum
  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Charles Ngo Week.


    Announcement: Charles Ngo Affiliate Expert Week
    Interview: Charles Ngo Interview
    14/10/2013 - 18/10/2013

    Questions and Answers.

    Facebook Marketers Banned Often
    What was the process like when you hit $1 million in 3-4 months.
    Interest targeting for broad dating on FB
    Banner Testing on Adult
    What ads get the best CTR?
    Where have you been writing articles?
    timing of launching a new campaign
    Doesn't make sense to me....starting out, why were you working from 6pm-2am?
    the other two tracking tools?
    Getting started with Mobile ?
    over-analyze and "scientific approach"
    How many campaigns
    why not start with sitescout?
    is pay per call the next big thing in 2014?
    Display advertising
    Amateur photographs
    Do you think "SPY TOOLS " are good for the industry?
    After building the budget, what next?
    With a $2000 budget, how should a new affliate approach mobile marketing campaigns?
    Startup Funding for CPA...Adult
    which technical skills are a must?
    What is your daily routine?
    An Average Day in the Ngo
    best way to scale
    How can I build my budget for free?
    What was the process like when you hit $1 million in 3-4 months.
    Focus, can you teach me?
    Am I doing things the right way?
    Building Assets? Building Bankrolls?
    Do you have experience with Youtube as traffic source?
    How much do you work?
    Host and Post?
    CPA marketing
    What is your primary drive and motivator?
    Have you tired retargeting?
    Any reccommendations on how to approach webmasters to publish your ads?
    What is your advice for newbie affiliate marketers?
    How's Living The Dream DR?
    What networks do you advise to work with?
    How much is enough to get started with PPV?
    how much time do you spend on setup when launching a new campaign?
    How to choose a web host?
    What networks do you advise to work with?
    How do I optimize my mobile campaigns to get them profitable?
    50,62% CR Network .
    Finding Niche Market Ideas
    Bidding on Facebook Ads...
    How did you deal with cashflow issues when starting out?
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  4. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    KJ Rocker Week.


    Announcement: KJ Rocker Affiliate Expert Week
    Interview: KJ Rocker Interview
    28/10/2013 - 01/11/2013

    Questions and Answers.

    ppv marketing
    Local Leads Continued
    Newbie Friendly Traffic
    We all want to know your answers to these questions
    Local Leads Continued
    A budget to start PPV.
    Does Leadimpact have good traffic in European countries?
    Newbie Friendly Traffic
    What countries do you recommend, USA or International?
    How to select PPV offers and target URL?
    Campaigns have clicks but no conversion....
    Landing page to Offer page
    How PPV works
    PPV Summarized Blueprint
    Your opinion with affliates with a franchise like MTTB or MOBE licensing
    Favourite FREE traffic source?
    1 Ultimate tip
    PPV vs PPC
    Angles for promoting PPV offers
    Keyword Research
    Budget guide & Offer Selection
    Goals And Schedule
    VPN and geo -targeted ppv campaigns
    No setup fees for advertisers
    What is your favourite incentive network?
    recommendation for tracking and hosting?
    Choosing target URLs[/URL
    Starting out with low budget
    Manual URL selection strategy
    CPS Sale Angles
    Keywords and URLs?
    Campaigns have clicks but no conversion....
    Suggestion for starting with Media Buying?
    How do you test/optimize your landing pages? Any particular tool?
    Favourite FREE traffic source?
    Ads per campaign?
    Best offers to promote in countries outside of US
    Best affiliate network for financial offers:credit cards,credit reports,payday loans?
    Your PPV Traffic Recommendations For Newcomers
    I know nothing about PPV
    PPV Guide ??
    how to learn about ppv& landing page
    Favourite FREE traffic source?
    What are the 3 most important things for success in ppv?
    How Many PPV Campaigns Do You Have Running at A Time?
    Starting PPV.
    Spy on Competitors
    Do you use blackhat techniques like cloaking and cookie stuffing?
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  5. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Greg Davis Week.


    Announcement: Greg Davis Affiliate Expert Week
    Interview: Greg Davis Interview
    27/01/2014 - 31/01/2014

    Questions and Answers.

    About building a list
    Have you used Bings Ads?
    Do you own Facebook pages?
    Your Mentor
    do you have a course?
    landing page
    Starting with mobile and cpa
    Mobile RTB
    Starting a FB campaign for Teespring promotions
    Pay Per Call vs Mobile
    PPV Questions
    how to use pagrip
    My first 100$
    Affiliate squeeze pages
    general questions
    Please help
    How to find correct CPA offer?
    $10 a day
    Traffic sources for scandinavian dating/adult offers?
    Something to get me underway and earning
    What about PPV
    Landing Pages
    $50000 a day!
    Best advise for someone just starting out as a affiliate
    A few questions for Greg.
    Q for Greg
    how you ranking in google?
    MR 50K A Day.
    Pay Per Call marketing
    What are you telling to people?
    What is your advise to start CPA as a beginner.
    How can I achieve this?
    PPC No-Brainer buying + Landing Page = ROI Instantly
    Best tips and strategies for email marketing
    The next best thing
    I need to get off this rollercoaster
    starting out
    starting a campaign
    Incentive and PPC
    How to utilize a team of 10-15 outsourcers?
    I'm brand new and want to taste success
    Already making money but where would you go from here?
    CPA newbie
    What is a good budget to start out with? How to research traffic sources?
    Best method for newbies.
    Shoestring PPC
    What do you think of PPV as a traffic source?
    About Internet Marketing :D
    Do you cloak on Facebook?
    Is your income spread across several campaigns and niches, or do you specialize?
    New marketers focus?
    Decent Budget to start mobile cpa?
    How to ensure you are getting paid.
    If you lost EVERYTHING today, how would you start all over again?
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  6. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    LukePeerFly Week.


    Announcement: LukePeerFly Affiliate Expert Week
    Interview: LukePeerFly Interview
    24/02/2014 - 28/02/2014

    Media Buying
    SOI or DOI?
    Mobile Ads Question
    Digital PPS products on FB pages?[Last question]
    want to know
    Facebook Retargeting for Affiliates
    What type of offers for community pages?
    What payout offers do you recommend selecting for ppv traffic?
    Best startup strat + Providing training to fresh affiliates
    Starting Offers
    plugrush media buying
    More newbie questions
    suggestion ? please !
    another question !
    Your Affiliate Summit West Presentation
    About 7search campaign optimization
    Tracking Options & Competitor Research
    Which tracking solution do you use and why?
    Tv Shows and Movies Sites
    How to monetize Fanpages with CPA offers using FPTraffic?
    Regarding your FPTraffic case studies!
    Some questions about facebook pages.
    i am a pperfly affiliate i have a question for you
    Dating Lead Quality
    Just a newbie question
    How can I get free FB likes
    FB pages management
    Mobile Traffic Source
    PPV Campaign Testing
    CPA Tips For the New Guy
    Getting Started w Mobile
    Adult Media Buying
    The Big Guys Fighting Back the Affiliate Model
    Which is the best method to start?
    What BizOpp offers?
    promote cpa offer with FPTraffic
    Monetizing-after how many likes?
    Budgeted PPV campaign
    Great course on creating surveys and content locking on fb
    Pay Per Call
    How to catch fraud publishers?
    On mobile
    Is CPA/Affiliate marketing a lifetime business/job?
    Quickest and Best
    Multiple FB accounts for multiple fan pages?
    Do you follow any social media marketing blog?
    New Fanpages....
    You set up your FB Fan Page, slowly getting fans.. NOW WHAT?
    Researching URL for bidding
    Facebook campaigns
    Inviting my email
    1000+a day
    Marketing Blog
    What type of Call to Action?
    Content for "Coupons,Discounts,Freebies" FB page
    Importance of Network EPC for choosing an offer?
    Dating without Facebook
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  7. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Jay and Tuan SMASH Week.


    Announcement: Jay and Tuan SMASH Affiliate Expert Week
    Interview: Jay and Tuan SMASH Interview
    18/08/2014 - 22/08/2014

    Questions and Answers.

    Can you tell us more about SMASH Revenue?
    Recently read a blog post from finch sells..
    some general questions
    Where to find the right cpa offers and outsource copy writing and landing pages?
    Smart work or hard work?
    Feeder traffic
    usual questions
    How to squeeze every last drop out of bought traffic
    What tracker do you recommend and why?
    optimized campaign?
    budget, system, traffic sources, insights
    Questions for Jay and Tuan
    What`s your biggest succes?
    Q's about SMASH
    Optimize offers
    newbie questions
    Banners questions
    Adult Specific Questions...
    Facebook a no no now?
    If you can start all over...what would yo do?
    Best mobile adult traffic source
    Test Budget
    Questions to Jay & Tuan - Research steps and risk/keywords management
    Finding Super Affiliates
    List Of New PPV and interstitial ads Platform for Advertiser
    Search Enhance Results Changed By Adware Traffic Sources
    Getting started somewhere like JVZoo
    Optimization App in Google Store
    what would be your niche/vertical of choice after adult?
    bidding strategies
    Share some productivity tips!
    What budget ic necessary for media buying?
    How to Make it in Affiliate Marketing
    Making your money work!
    Are you spending a lof of money on yourself?
    The Secret to Success
    The Top Books That Changed Your Life
    Adult Marketing Course/Training?
    Free traffic possible with adult?
    What other verticals on adult media buying platform?
    Good sources for international adult offers?
    How to monetize tube sites?
    Facebook Advertising
    Your biggest DO and DON'T for beginners starting in Adult marketing
    How to Become a Millionaire in Less than a Year
    A couple of questions...
    When to buy a flat/house?
    Best way to start in adult on a budget?
    What about a public webinar with AffiliateFix members?
    Passive income from adult?
    What traffic source do you recommend for start?
    Good resources for banner creation?
    Blueprint for adult?
    Running campaigns on sites with low traffic volume
    How often do you hit a winner?
    How to create a "perfect" landing page for adult?
    Is it possible to get free traffic from tube sites?
    What is your favourite adult traffic source?
    What was your daily record?
    Good tube site script?
    Conversions rates
    How to Quit Procrastinating
    The Quickest Way to Learn Adult Marketing
    Average ROI on Self-Serve Platforms
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  8. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Cash Money Affiliate Week


    21/09/2015 - 26/09/2015

    Questions and Answers.

    I found 1 Profitable Campaign, What Next?
    Best ROI startup for beginner?
    Pop up/Pop under traffic
    Offer Wanted - Post All CPA Networks List Here
    Is pop traffic dead?
    Voluum or AdsBridge?
    Is Adult Pop Traffic great for sweepstakes, antivirus, CPI?
    Get unlimited accounts in Facebook and Adwords
    Recognize trends in verticals/offers
    What WOuld You COnsider to Be A Good Landing Page Speed Test Results?
    How does it work and how does it different for traditional. Affiliate marketing
    best email promotion
    Some general questions
    A few questions
    How to Run affiliate marketing success???
    email submit offer promotion
    Uploading Landing Pages to CPanel in Hosting
    Do you use an adserver?
    whats the latest with fb affiliate dating offers
    007cpa payment about
    Mobile redirect script?
    Ask Me Anything - Affiliate Links
    Banner advertisement
    Organic Traffic
    Best start
    content locker insentive network
    Promoting CPI offers: Do I need a Lander?
    Spent a lot on leadbolt and buzzcity but not any single converstion
    Mobile PINs and specific campaign question
    whats you're biggest payout?
    Speed tests?
    IPhone 6 Giveaway Pin Submit + Airpush Traffic
    Start + personal question
    the best traffic source
    Looking for best results on new promotion
    What Makes A Banner Successful
    CPI Offers ?
    The best traffic for app offers
    Best mobile conference
    Many clicks 0 conversions
    Geo Performance / Selection
    Landing pages for free
    Sweeps and Vouchers on Facebook
    Click volume effecting performance
    where to run sweeps and soi mobile
    Website Building Tips
    Newbie Help
    A few questions
    Testing ratio?
    Best guides you've ever read?
    Mass traffic
    Best mobile offers?
    Tracking mobile campaigns?
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  9. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate



    25/01/2016 - 29/01/2016

    best cps/cpa network for india
    What are some low budget ways to promote CPA offers?
    Please help me get started
    Would you recommend testing multiple shirts at one time on TeeSpring?
    TeeSpring: What method do you use for website conversion ads?
    need a great coach for mobile affiliate marketing
    Create your own offer
    50onRed and TrafficVance
    Promoting Incentive Offers
    Sweepstakes- mobile traffic
    Hello .
    With what should i start in internet marketing (make money online)
    Recruiting affiliates
    Testing Testing Testing - 1 or many changes
    enquiry on mobile internet affiliate marketing
    Ways to find out Competitor's presell page which are converting
    Is the money really in the list?
    Pops and PPV
    How to Make campaign profitable
    According to sites like Similar Web, Email Marketing doesn't work for some products?
    Building A Matrix
    Step by step tutorial for setting up conversion/tracking pixel CPA
    Traffic source for Dating Offers
    Mobile Facebook Ads
    Mobile gaming
    Please Answer My Questions
    Facebook Advertising
    Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2016
    Simultaneously launching campaigns
    Click Loss Issue
    Suggestions on Media Buy Sources
    How to protect your LP and Banners from bot anf proxy
    Finding FB pages for interests
    Training Your Media Buying Team
    TeeSpring: What do you look for on a test run on Facebook?
    Tracking with Voluum
    a few questions
    Running on Bing
    Pop Traffic
    Pop traffic : popping a " big banner page" before the actual LP
    [Q] Affiliate company in Serbia
    What platform should we master?
    Optimization strategy
    Strategy on learning the ropes and building a solid foundation
    Which is true?
    Direct Publisher
    Outsourcing Banner Creation
    Question #1
    CPA Niches
    What is the best traffic source for my product?
    Getting started with mobile pop traffic - how to choose a vertical?
    Questions about routines etc
    Is it possible to ourank sites like Amazon,Ebay,Walmart...?
    How much to start
    Campaign Setup Checklist :
    Otimum Market Research approaches to zero down to a Offer to promote
    Buzzcity + Mobpartner + Tracker?
    Is the "get rich" niche
    Landing Page/Domain Organization
    Some questions...
    Using tokens and subids etc
    Duplicating Landing pages..for those on a small budget.
    Is Native ads the future of Mobile offers ?
    Facebook Ads
    What are the best approaches to be a successful affiliate marketer
    Is there easy master template & script that makes extra traffic & optimazing ads?
    native ads
    How STARTAPP conversion rate for mobile apps ?
    Mobile CPA
    Clickbank using Facebook Groups
    On 2016 first two quarters.
    cpa marketing
    Traffic sources and verticals
    Optimize PPC campaign
    Dropship T-Shirt selling + FB
    local lead gen?
    PPC or author Site
    How would you use this?
    How can a newbie start with facebook ads on a low budget?
    Some questions!
    Media buying
    upcoming Google expert content nightmare
    How can I make money from PPC?
    Promoting our Affiliate
    Start Over
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  10. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate



    14/03/2016 - 18/03/2016

    Using Facebook with Adult Tubes
    I come from VietNam
    Which are your must-have for a perfect landing page?
    I wanted to enter into the CPA Marketing!
    kedves királyné...
    Facebook Ads and Software
    What do you think about the need rating post ?
    Facebook Optimisation Process
    Hey FBQueen i am happy to see you on affiliatefix
    account creation
    Facebook ads
    Just starting out...
    Facebook Fan Pages
    Advertising on Facebook
    What are your predictions for 2016?
    Facebook account bans!
    What do you prefer when you are travelling...?
    Account precautions and profitable camaign on FB
    Hey FBQueen! (Questions)
    Some questions.
    Switching to FB traffic source
    Spying on competitors
    About CPI
    Looking To Get Into Mobile CPA
    CPA Scams
    Ad account suspended
    Getting banned from CPA networks
    Facebook Disabled My Payment and Ads Manager
    Maximizing Utility of Fb Ads
    [Newbie Help] How to promote affiliate offers in a Ad Network?
    starting out
    What are the different ways to promote affiliate products?
    CPA Affiliate
    Mobile offers on Facebook
    should I repeat the promotion of each product in my email marketing?
    Where to start CPA business for Newbie ?
    Facebook Ads CPC and Relevance Score
    How to manage funds
    Funneling Facebookers To Our Blogs
    Targeting strategies
    A beginner for CPA
    Getting the same campaign profitable on different FB accounts.
    who can for me know a AM' skype of AppFlood?
    Facebookers Only?
    Best traffic?
    1 Source Expert benefits
    Sweeps and Voucher offers?
    Best Social Spy Tools?
    Offers to promote on FB?
    Benefits of Instant Articles?
    Marketers Not Yet Using Facebook Advertising
    Being Clear About the Ideal Customer
    Finding the Ideal Customer
    what are the best ways to send traffic to your landing page?
    Is it a good way to make money by selling solo ads?
    How profitable can email marketing be?
    question about email marketing content
    How does email marketing work for the long run?
    Suspended Account
    FB Vs Sweepstakes
    Popads Traffic Source Unstable Revenue
    Advices To take Action !
    What method is working well with FB ads right now?
    Facebook Account Basics
    Hi FBQueen
    How to evaluate a niche?
    Facebook website clicks.
    Favourite verticals and strategies
    Facebook and blackhat
    Thanks Affiliate Fix and FB Queen
    What to do when your Ad has been flagged by FB?
    lowering cpc
    The Biggest success
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  11. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Tim Burd


    13/06/2016 - 17/06/1016

    Landing Pages Builder economical solution other than that instabuilder
    Scaling to 5 figures per day
    Keeping up with FB changes...
    Facebook Verified Pages - Blue Badge
    zeropark or mediatraffic ?
    Landing Pages In HTML ?How to edit as per my CPA offer
    How to Get Help from FB
    Traffic sources and keywords for building a list
    Expending on an existing test
    How to get in direct contact with advertiser?
    how to promote on facebook free on groups
    Top Traffic Platforms
    Lead Generation Traffic Sources
    Paid Traffic Choices
    Which is the first thing you do to scale a campaign?
    Changing ad/adset in FB
    Best SEO techniques 2016?
    reason for bans
    Bidding Strategy.
    FB Launch Sequence
    I need to get lots more affiliates and sales of course
    Best niche that worked on Facebook Audiences?
    As A Guest Author...
    New Trends?
    Suggest the best adult affiliate network?
    Outsourcing advise
    need to begin and learn
    commenting ad
    Correct Links
    Affiliates Cloaking on Facebook
    Where to Start? Biz Courses?
    how to make $500 weekly
    programmatic buying
    Offer Wanted - Best Tv Streaming Affiliates
    similarities between different accounts
    AN vs MNF
    like page campaign
    Ad Blockers
    FB dirt cheap clicks
    Managing a CPC campaign and selecting key words
    Incentive test conversion
    How to get traffic
    i want make 10$/day can you help me
    Starting out in Lead Generation Field
    Cheaper Way for Lead Generation?
    Most affiliate offers found fake after Googling.
    Strategies for 2016
    Newbie here
    Do you have a blueprint to setting a new campaign?
    Hi Tim
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2016
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  12. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate



    20/02/2017 - 24/02/2017

    What is best paid traffic source for the niche "Health & Beauty"
    Small Niche Sites
    Pre Launch for JVZOO
    Fb Pixel + Advertiser Offers ?
    I have a profitable campaign, but i have a problem scaling it.
    Back-Button Monetisation (:
    how i ask help fpr a offertoro here ?
    Recommended Primary Focus In 2017 For Skilled Marketers
    2500$ is what i have Help me turn my life around
    iwant to start an online bussiness with 0£ budget
    Is there a tool that can let me know once an affiliate deals has expired
    Favorite tracker and server
    Native networks for beginners
    Where is native ads headed?
    What is best paid traffic source for the niche "Make Money"
    Payout Bump
    ideas to increase traffic to my digital products
    mobile offers and traffic
    Which offers would you suggest to run in the Careers/Employment Niche?
    Are Separate Campaigns Always Necessary/Best?
    How do you build long-lasting relationships with affiliate partners?
    Facebook ads + App install offers
    Running Your Own Sites
    Finding and validating good offers
    How to lower the cost per click on Facebook?
    When SEO Was Hot and Easy
    Instagram Ban
    The Lazy Factor
    how can i get bing ads coupon
    which vertical convert well on Linkedin and reddit
    what should i focus on Online Or Offline ?
    What is the Essential Asset to Work as an affiliate for a Long Term Period
    [Help] CPA on Facebook?
    First milestone?
    I wanted to further with Mobile Offers
    Mobile VS Native?
    How do i build auto adult site
    auto generated content
    Banners on mobile pops
    Generics banners and landers for
    Best affiliate event to attend?
    Why did you start a blog?
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