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Affiliate Earner new to the forum

Franck S

Just wanted to present myself. Although I signed up in the forum since a long time already, I never logged in. Happily it was on this week daily task, so I am in.

I participate in other affiliate marketing forums (and other forums in my niches as well). I also learn a lot from affiliate marketing experts.

I am an affiliate marketer, I started in December 2005, and I now make a living from affiliate program.

I learned a lot about SEO last year, after all it's not difficult.

I am improving day after day. I pay my bills and everything from my affiliate marketing income.

Do what you like and money will follow. When you read this, it can seem difficult to believe, but it's true.

I hope that I will learn a lot from you, and I will be more than happy to help others with my knowledge.

So that's it.

Linda Buquet

Hi Franck S,

So glad you decided to post and get active at 5 Star.
I see you've already helped someone today with your advice.
You'll find that around here, the more you give, the more you get back
so I'm really glad to see you jump in and start posting!

"Do what you like and money will follow. When you read this, it can seem difficult to believe, but it's true."

So, so true! Great to hear your success story!


<b><font size=2>In Memoriam - Loyal Administrator<
Welcome to 5 Star, Franck S.

You have already started posting, so it looks as if you are quickly becoming a part of this friendly community.

Since you plan to be around on an almost daily basis you will be able to learn even more as well as help some of our members with the knowledge you already have.


Hi Frank,

I was like you, join this forum sometimes ago but didnt post/participate. This year, I think it is good to come in more often so that can learn more things. I believe forum is a good place to learn skills and knowledge.

All the best to your internet marketing career...