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Affiliate 2.0 - Tips and Tools

Linda Buquet

Consumers are blogging, Digging and joining Social Networks at unprecedented rates. Yahoo just bought MyBlogLog for $10 Million, Google snapped up You Tube for for $1.65 Billion and sold for $580 million. The next wave of the Internet and a new online culture is here. What impact will this have on affiliate marketing and what new strategies do we need to apply to our online businesses?

Affiliate Summit has <a target="_new" href="">several sessions</a> that will attempt to answer these questions and provide new solutions to to help merchants reach 2.0 affiliates and to help affiliates reach 2.0 consumers. Keep in mind that even if you cannot attend the sold out event, Shawn and Missy typically offer videos and/or transcripts of the sessions after the event.

Jay Berkowitz the CEO of Ten Golden Rules will be presenting an interactive marketing presentation titled "<a target="_new" href="">Affiliate 2.0 ? Discover the Ten Websites Defining the New Internet</a>."
Here are some of the topics he will be covering:
* Discover the ten websites defining the new internet
* Blogging. Podcasting. Wiki?s. What new technologies are important to affiliates?
* What innovations are driving Web 2.0 success, how can you integrate these strategies for business?
* Where are affiliates hanging out, which Web 2.0 websites are important to them.
* Who is dominating search engine marketing and how can you position your website to take advantage of this opportunity?
* What is Web 3.5 an amazing three dimensional world about to revolutionize the internet?</blockquote>
Other web 2.0 related topics will include:
<a target="_new" href="">
<strong>Bloggers - The New Super Affiliates</strong></a>
Super affiliates today are essentially the webmasters from 5-10 years ago. Bloggers are the next wave of super content producers, soon to be turned super affiliates; this session will discuss what affiliate managers can do with them.

<a target="_new" href=""><strong>Panel: The Affiliate 2.0 Litmus Test</strong></a>
Successful companies today embraced 2.0 long before the term was coined. This panel will explore the various definitions of Web 2.0 through the lenses of pioneers and performance marketing companies.

<a target="_new" href=""><strong>Anatomy of a Viral Video -- Maximum ROI</strong></a> gained notoriety because of a viral video that created mass attention both online and in mainstream media. Go behind the scenes to learn how it was done, the risks, and the ROI.

<a target="_new" href=""><strong>Next Generation Affiliate Recruitment - Why What You Know Doesn't Work Anymore</strong></a>
The affiliate recruitment landscape has changed radically over the last nine months. Web 2.0, social network research and MySpace are exposing super affiliates where you never knew to look. Learn how to find them here.

Know of any cool Affiliate 2.0 tips or tools???
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Shawn Collins

Linda Buquet said:
Keep in mind that even if you cannot attend the sold out event, Shawn and Missy typically offer videos and/or transcripts of the sessions after the event.

Sorry, but we don't plan to make that material public this time around.