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adwords vs no adwords

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by Dimitar Christoff, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. Dimitar Christoff

    Dimitar Christoff Affiliate affiliate

    has anyone got experience in playing the odds? here is my predicament... for a couple of days, we forgot to pay our adwords campaign / bids and were left to do organic results only. i thought the would would collapse but instead, we recorded the 2 highest ever sales intakes....

    so here is what i am thinking: if your site is naturally very well optimised for page 1 SERPs and you also pay for adwords, it stands to reason for google to shove your results down the list whenever it displays an advert to your site: why give the user a chance to go to the site for free when they can get paid for the click, right?

    is there any truth to this, has anyone else done any experiments or has knowledge on the subject? i'd love to find out more - currently considering stopping adwords for a week as an experiment but if things do not go according to plan, it can cost a LOT of money in lost revenue...

    do google 'love' a site more when they are also a paying adwords customer?

    thoughts on a postcard... thanks :)
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