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Adult Specific Questions...

Discussion in 'Adult Marketing' started by ProfitHacks, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. ProfitHacks

    ProfitHacks Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Both (again)

    Since reading your blog, eBook and questions here... I have become very interested in Adult.

    For a few reason's

    1) Endless amount of traffic
    2) Easily integrated with mobile.
    3) Loads of great angles to hit. (no pun intended)

    So, I have some adult niche focused questions...

    1) Looking at Traffic Junky if you were on a lower budget would you bid on specific keywords & Geo's to niche down the traffic slightly?

    2) If you were running a Milf Hookup offer on a "Milf" keyword type traffic what kind of CTR's would you be aiming for? ( I know I asked a general conversion rate questions previously but i thought being more exact may help, as I need to know what to aim for)

    3) Which do you prefer, The question type landers or just the one click landers? (ive tried both in dating and had more success with one click types, Instead of asking questions then offer)

    4) I find it hard to structure this question so I'll explain... Im currently running traffic on POF, Im trying to niche down but I cannot get the amount of traffic that im after and I can only break even after a ton of optimizing my campaigns, Im getting good percentages at each stage but just cannot get a good ROI (maybe a few dollars a day which isnt worth it) ... Do you think a beginner would have this problem?

    5) Last but not least - Who the fuck is spending 20k per day on nearly every ad platform on traffic junky - Is it you lol?
  2. terraleads
  3. trippydude

    trippydude Affiliate affiliate

    Know im not jay or tuan but i can probley help a lil.

    1. You can, probley get you a higher CTR, but youre gonna have to target as much as you can, and cant test that much, you should use AAS or ask your aff man what the best Geos and Cats are. But targeting certain things can raise your CPC(not good on tight budget).
    2.Aim for whatever will make it profitable, you can have a 20% CTR and 5% CVR or vice versa. TESTING is key. Find what works for you.
    3.Rules lander more friction than one click. But trust you can make bread from both, depends on your funnel.
    4.If youre trying to scale, hard, you should definitely read tuan's blog post on how to scale if you havent already.
    5.No its me:cool: lol
  4. tuan smash

    tuan smash Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    1. The more tightly you target, the LESS traffic you will get. When starting with a low budget you don't know what works yet so its best to not target too tightly.

    2. It varies from traffic source to ad placement etc..so Banner CTR's are irrelevant if consider that... It's about which banners generate you the most Earnings Per Click.
    You do your math at the end of the campaign, Banner>Lander>Offer and find out which banner generated you the most earnings.

    3. Each one is good, depends on many factors, are you on WEB/Mobile and where you traffic is coming from. But you have to make sure you are not basing your
    "Good or Bad" lander only on 'CTR".

    4. It's because you are trying to 'Niche Down" is why you can't get any traffic. You are splintering your traffic way too laser focused. There is no room for more volume.
    You have to go broad and get more volume and accept a lower ROI. The lower ROI may be lower but will generate you MORE profit per day than a High ROI campaign that is
    tightly targeted.

    5. 20k is their daily spending limit, that does not mean they are spending $20k per day... It's only a made up number.
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