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Adult Email Marketing Solutions

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by mailermax, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. mailermax

    mailermax Affiliate affiliate


    Mailermax.com Email marketing solutions company established in July 2012

    300+ adult business clients in international market, USA, Australia and Russia

    Vision: to deliver easy to use but powerful solutions for email marketing
    Mission: affordable and easy to manage email marketing for businesses of any size

    Design beautiful newsletters easily

    Our drag & drop email design tool allows users to easily add their own content and create their own design without any HTML knowledge. You can easily add new blocks, such as text, images or products with just a single click.

    Subscriber management

    Easily create subscription forms or import existing recipients. The system automatically takes care of duplicate, invalid or unsubscribed email addresses.

    Email delivery

    Our advanced infrastructure allows you to deliver your emails very quickly and reliably. We constantly monitor our sending reputation to ensure that your messages reach the inbox.

    Comprehensive statistics
    With MailerMAX you will be able to analyze in detail the actions of your subscribers - you will see who and when opens the emails or clicks on the links and you will be able to use this data to increase efficiency of your future campaigns.

    Subscriber management

      • Organize your subscribers into different lists
      • Add custom fields, such as location, gender or age
      • Personalize your emails with names and other data
      • Segment your lists based on subscriber data
      • Import your subscribers from Excel, CSV, text files or through API
    High-performance delivery engine

      • Scalable email delivery engine, delivering ~3 000 000 emails per day
      • Support for SPF, SenderID, DKIM authentication
      • Automatic sending IP reputation monitoring
      • Feedback loop integrations with major ISPs
    Detailed reports

      • Real time reporting
      • Open and click tracking (unique / total)
      • Bounced / undeliverable email reports
      • Unsubscribe reports
      • Ability to track every subscriber
      • Export all reports to Excel / CSV, report data is also accessible through API for representation in external systems
      • Visual heat map of subscriber clicks
    Our Pricing:

    $ 39 per month
    Max Emails / Month: 5,000

    $ 69 per month
    Max Emails / Month: 10,000

    $ 99 per month
    Max Emails / Month: 25,000

    $ 119 per month
    Max Emails / Month: 50,000

    $ 169 per month
    Max Emails / Month: 100,000

    $ 319 per month
    Max Emails / Month: 200,000

    $ 599 per month
    Max Emails / Month: 500,000

    High Volume

    $ 1120 per month
    Max Emails / Month: 1000000

    $ 1600 per month
    Max Emails / Month: 2000000

    $ 2800 per month
    Max Emails / Month: 5000000

    We can make special discount to affiliatefix members for high volume orders.


    PM For more information.
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