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Event ADdays East Europe 3 - March. Budapest

Discussion in 'Events and Networking' started by Tim AdDays, Dec 25, 2017.

  1. Tim AdDays

    Tim AdDays Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate


    Hello, everyone!

    We are glad to announce our third ADdays Digital ConferenceADdays Estern Europe!

    When: 3rd of March
    Where: InterContinental Hotel Budapest (5*), Hungary

    So, what we will have there:

    1) 12 speeches in 2 sections (Affiliate Marketing along with Media-buying and Traffic Monetization). Really valuable speeches provided by real professional entrepreneurs, SEO-specialists, and affiliates. We hate marketing speeches that usually carry no value. Thus, only high-quality content will be delivered to you;

    2) More than 20 international companies you probably heard of or even worked with (AdCombo, ADnow, MGID and others). At the conference, you will have an excellent chance to ask them all questions you have at their booths.

    3) We expect more than 800 affiliates, webmasters, and digital specialist that share your interests arriving at ADdays this time. While most conferences consist of managers from different networks giving their business cards to each other, we aim to make a professional event, not a marketing bog with no value;

    4) We have the best venue in Hungary. The five star InterContinental Hotel in the heart of the city is waiting for our attendees.

    What we WON'T have:

    - BRANDED everything including air. Making money is not our aim. We are building a community, and your participation is the best reward one can ever expect;

    - Speeches and other marketing activities for sale;

    - Bad-quality contents;

    - OVERPRICED conference passes;

    Best regards,

    You can find more information or get your passes through our official ADdays Eastern Europe website . You may contact us by sending email to this address: [email protected] either.
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