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Official AdClarity [Deleted]

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  1. tgranit

    tgranit Guest

    AdClarity is the leading Competitive Intelligence SaaS Solution for Digital Media. With AdClarity you can see which campaigns, creatives and traffic sources (i.e. websites that sell ad inventory) are working best for your competitors, and where they're not cost-effective.

    AdClarity also exposes you to the different agencies, ad networks, or programmatic buying platforms your competitors are using to buy digital media. By analyzing this data, marketers can easily build and execute lead-generating media buying campaigns with positive ROI. Based on state-of-the art technology, that acts as a search engine of online media ads, AdClarity unveils the entire online advertising ecosystem.

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  3. tgranit

    tgranit Guest

    tgranit updated AdClarity with a new update entry:


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  4. tgranit

    tgranit Guest

    This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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