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Ad Writing that Converts! Tips 4 Success

Linda Buquet

Brad Callen, the developer of the feature-rich <a target="_new" href="">Key Word Elite</a> software is a well known PPC Marketer that really knows his stuff when it comes to ad campaigns that attract buyers and clicks. He is sharing some of his lessons over at IMnewswatch. This one is about how to write strong ads for Adwords. I get lots of questions from affiliates about how to build the highest converting affiliate landing pages, so as I read Brad's this lesson on Adword writing tips, I noticed information that is very applicable to affiliate marketing and Adsense marketing as well.<a target="_new" href="">
Read Callen's Lesson: How to Write Ads that Attract Clicks</a>

<blockquote>"One thing you can do to really kick butt with AdWords is to understand that managing your PPC campaign is a step by step process ? which each step designed to accomplish a specific objective, and with all steps linked, leading your prospect from the start (where they search for the key terms you're bidding on) to the end (where they ?convert' ? either into buyers or leads or subscribers).

Note: What I've found is that when I break down AdWords (or keyword research, or SEO, or sales writing ? basically, any skill) into small steps like this, people instantly find it a lot easier to understand what's going on. I'm hoping that you'll find the same thing with today's lesson on ad writing.

Writing ads, then, is just one step of this process. But before we dive into the specifics, I want to discuss something that is at the heart of any successful Google AdWords campaign." <a target="_new" href="">
Continued here.</a></blockquote>