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A Major product launch and we need partners!

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by MysteryJock, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. MysteryJock

    MysteryJock New Member

    As I am sure that you already know, Affiliate Marketing is one of
    the greatest income mediums available today. We all know the
    easiest way to make money via Affiliate Marketing is with great
    product that is backed by its manufacturer.

    I am really excited to offer the members of this forum the opportunity to
    participate in the Slim Desires affiliate program. This program is about to be
    launched, and backed with a National radio and Television Campaign, and though this forum, this is one of the select arenas where we are personally inviting you to not only join the Slim Desires Affiliate program, but giving you a 5% increase in commissions, just because you are a member of this forum.

    Hi There. My name is Ian Miller. Since the beginning of the Internet I
    have worked with many great companies, and have developed some
    incredible affiliate programs.

    It is no great secret. Work with companies that have a good
    product that is a REPEAT consumable, offer a fair Affiliate Commission,
    pay your affiliates on time, and come with a great reputation.

    If you have been around the Internet for a while, you may remember
    Sunset International, and Herbal Sensations, the company that I
    helped take an affiliate program to be THE leading affiliate
    program for nutritional supplements back then, as we were
    mavericks in not only great product, but in affiliate marketing.

    Since then, I have worked with several companies as an independent
    consultant, and have helped them take their programs to the next

    Well, when my friend Paul, formerly from Herbal Sensations
    approached me and told me that he had developed a herbal
    supplement for weight loss and needed my help to start the
    affiliate program, I needed no coaxing. Lightening does strike

    The time has come, and we have spared nothing, in creating a new
    affiliate program that will be even more creative, and lucrative
    than anything you have done in the past. Slim Desires, is one of
    the most dynamic weight management products around today. So
    dynamic in fact, that you will find many companies trying to be
    Slim Desires.

    Our affiliate program pays out at a very generous 25% per sale
    with a 60 day cookie. But, if you join before the end of
    November, we will knock that commission up to 30% ... permanently.
    This offer is for members of this forum, and the only way to
    get it is to pm me once you have joined, with your user name,
    in order to get the 5% bonus.

    As well, we want you to help us grow, so we will be giving you a
    referral bonus of 5% on any sales made by any affiliate who comes
    to us through one of your links....but please make sure that you
    do not mention the 30% commission rate, as that is between me and

    We have many exciting plans, including video advertising,
    affiliate viral marketing, an incredible autoship program for
    residual income, weekly payments, check, wire transfer or paypal
    payments, specials and bonuses and new products currently in

    You know how affiliate marketing is. The first one out of the
    gate, usually is the one that leaves the others in their dust.


    I look forward to sending out your first check soon.

    Thank you,
  2. terraleads

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