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A Great Way To Keep Your Customers And Prospects Happy And Make Them more Responsive!


Hi Everyone

Mosty Of The Time People Take Time To Build Their Lists. Then Once They Get A Good Size The People Are Bored Of That List. Sure They Might Have Gotten Good Information But they need Something More. I'm Here To Tell You A Great Way To make Your customers And Prospects Happier And More Responsive.

The best Way That I Discovered Is To Hold Competitions!
this Is By far the best method to get your subscribers active
and more responsive. You Could Hold A Reffering Competition
Where The Person Who Reffered The most People Will Get A
prize or a cash reward.
You Could Have a Article Competition Where Who ever writes
The Best Article On Your Product Gets His/her article published.
You Could Also Publish This Article To Your Lists.

A Great Example Of A Competition To Get Members active is the
One On This Forum. They have 3 Competitions So far And they're
Great, I Entered 1 or 2 of them myself. And You Should Too, They
Give Cash Prizes.

Another great way Is To Create A Forum. This Is An "Advance Tactic".
It May take A lot Of Work, But Once Set up For Your Subscribers/Customers
Only They Will be Happy And In turn Become More Rsponsive. I Use
This tactic For My List. It Works Wonders

Hope You learnt A Lot today, And Feel Free To Add To this:)

To Your Success
Jameel Mukadam