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7Search and PPC Newbie Notes- Case Study

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click' started by Miles_Ahead, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. Miles_Ahead

    Miles_Ahead Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    I have been working on small projects/campaigns on 7search for about 3 weeks now and have found quite a few interesting details that I would like to share and discuss.

    Since cpafix has become a go to place for 7search/cpa , as it ranks highly for related terms in Google, I felt that giving out some of this info might benefit a few of the members here.

    7search is a good place to get your feet wet, and in a few cases I can see how it could be scaled to make decent money, but there are also some situations that can throw off newer IMs.

    As I come across more aspects of dealing with 7search, i'll try to update this thread with those notes.

    1. Ranking 1,2,3(7s) at the same time can still lead to no clicks:

    This is odd and rather discouraging. Changing the copy up does not change this outcome for me, which brings me to my next point.

    2. Views or Impressions(Imp) do not reflect your actual impressions:

    • A keyword can have 1000 impressions, but it does not mean that your ad was ever shown at all

    • In a lot of cases, to get your ad shown(so that you can actually test), you need to up the bid quite a bit(Smart Bid), as your ad can actually be competing against a variety of non-7search 3rd tier results; IMO these are networks/partners that are working underneath 7search

    • Many of my clicks are not coming from 7search, but through 7search, as the partner's network/platform actually hosts the initial click.
      I am not going to go into this, as you can just check your referrers in your tracking logs and look at your ad on this referring site to see the initial redirect link.
      --1) Referring publisher site shows your add
      --2) Click goes through a platform similar to 7search
      --3) User is then sent through 7search and lands on your site
      --4) I suspect this is why so many people are reporting many clicks coming from the same subid(###AFFID###)

    • Smart Bid- can be quite high; in some cases 30-40cents and for extremely competitive kws a dollar or more

    • A kw can be the only bid and still not get clicks, even though it is a high impression kw

    • This needs to be carefully tested though, because different referrers have a variety of ways of showing your ad ( in content or search results )

    • However, you can still get 1 cent clicks, but it is hard for me to say whether these are legit or not.

    • On that note, there is a very well known ppc pro who has a video out about 7s/ppc, in which he states that you should start low (1-5cents).
      His advice is that if you are getting imp. but no clicks, then you need to change your ad copy and if you are not getting impressions at all then you need to up your bid by a penny a day.
      But I tend to disagree, because my tests have shown that the ad is probably not even showing in the first place because the bids are too low
      AND even if there are impressions(which might not be your actual impressions), it would be a waste of time changing the copy, because again, the bids are too low. my 2c :)

    • How did I test this:
      --1) I went to a variety of referring domains and kept changing my bid prices, waited a few minutes and then saw where I was placed.
      --2) I have the ability to bid on millions of keywords(though I only chose a few) and show targeted landing pages(just think products), so I was able to test kws out in a variety of niches.

    3. Results with DEAD domains:

    There are a quite a few of results(campaigns) that lead to domains that are not active or even expired.
    That means the 7s advertiser just paid for a click that lead to nowhere.
    I have even see this for competitive terms and it is another discouraging aspect of using 7s.
    Seeing so many advertisers who don't even really care about their 7s campaigns makes you wonder.

    5. Smart Bids and Top bids:

    I did a campaign that was based in Australia, so that is the country that I chose in the campaign set up. However, if you are bidding for just the US market, my bid for the Australian market will be reflected as the top bid for that kw, even though I am only bidding in Australia.

    On this particular campaign/kw I bid the Smart Bid price of 36 cents(pretty high and just testing), two days later someone is out bidding me (37cents).
    Most likely we are not even bidding for the same country, so our 2 "competing" ads will NEVER be shown together.:confused:
    But he probably thinks that he still needs to outbid me since the bid prices do not differentiate between countries.

    *** Side note: the 7search top bid for this keyword is actually around 10cents(without our two bids).

    6. Evergreen Markets have volume:

    The normal evergreen markets do have volume on 7s. If you are willing to compete with others in these, then you'll have to spend a good amount of money, as they are competitive.

    But, a lot of guys are not actually promoting offers initially, they are list building. Which means there is no money upfront-the money comes on the backend**hint, hint...

    7. Other Markets:

    I have tested several CPA offers and have only come up with one winner.

    So far a lot of email submits just do not convert for me.

    The one offer that I do have converting( 60cents/conversion) I consider a winner because it is actually profitable, but only for about a dollar a day.

    On the other hand, if the offer paid more along the lines of the industry standard( $1.20+ ), I would be making $10+ profit a day, which gives me hope.

    All I need to do is find 3 or 4 offers that are similar to this one( which pay between 1-3 dollars) and I can add to my income another $1000 a month.

    Add 10-20 offers and I am off to the races...

    Test,test,test...but don't break the bank!

    Ok - enough for now, if I come up with more, i'll just add to this post.

    I know the 7searchguys are on the forum, so if there is any SOLID advice they would like to give about any of this, I am sure the community would love to hear their perspective.;)
  2. terraleads
  3. david15923

    david15923 Affiliate affiliate

    Here's the question: in your opinion, is 7search THE place for newbies to start paid advertising?

    I had about the same results as you in submits, only managed to find 2 profitable campaigns that were making me 1$-2$/day and I don't think it's that good for begginers (like myself :p) because I didn't learn anything of what I was 'supposed' to learn which were:

    Split test offers: I couldn't do that because what I noticed was that the offers that do convert are the ones that not many people are promoting. 'Hidden' niches, have less advertisers -> less offers to split test (if any).

    Optimize: As you said, generally 95% clicks come from 1 or 2 sub-id's, so it's kinda difficult to optimize it that way.

    Thanks for the case study btw :)
  4. xapuc

    xapuc Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Great case study! Hope we'll see great results :)
  5. Randize

    Randize Affiliate affiliate

    What's good about 7search and other 2nd tiers PPC is that it's cheap! The price allows you to get your foot wet in my opinion. For beginners who doesn't have any experience in PPC marketing, obviously never know how to track and optimize any campaign.

    Since it's cheap, it's a good way to start to learn tracking and optimizing a PPC campaign with 7search. The marketing strategies might be different, we need to have different mindset for different platforms, but the workflow is generally the same.

    For this reason, I think it's a good platform for beginners to try.

    I'm eager to see some results too :)
  6. Angelman

    Angelman Affiliate affiliate

    Just started my first 7Search campaign today. It is my first EVER PPC campaign and believe me, I am glad it is cheap as I feel I'm definitely going to need quite a bit of practice with the whole process before I even dare consider any potentially more lucrative platforms. Gotta start somewhere though right!

    Thanks Miles_Ahead for the great details in the original post.
  7. Miles_Ahead

    Miles_Ahead Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    IMO 7search seems like a good starting point:

    --1) the barrier of entry is low

    --2) good way to become familiar with tracking (prosper202 etc)

    --3) get some of the basic fundamentals out of the way

    --4) If I did it over again, I would advise others to get into more profitable/competitive traffic(dating, fitness, diet etc..) and bid within a comfortable range.

    --5) 30+cents a click isn't a big deal when the payout is 10, 20 or even 40 dollars a conversion-at least that should be the next step after practicing with a couple of submits.

    However, once someone has the basics down, going the route of msnAdcenter might be a good next step.
    A lot of bigger guns advise to just start there-since Google is so picky- and just go for it - budgeting (daily, weekly, or monthly) what ever you are willing to lose (risk management).

    msnAdcenter is pretty easy to work with, since you do not fund the account, you only are charged when you reach a certain number (ex. $50).
    For those who feel comfortable with the tracking/basics,moving to different ad platforms can be somewhat seamless.

    As far as being a complete newb to IM and PPC/CPA, it is hard for me to say what is best, since I am very used to tracking thousands of products/kws, mysql databases with filled with 100's of thousands of UVs, thousands of clicks a day etc... so dealing with a handful of PPC campaigns isn't something out of my comfort zone.

    That being said, G.Chaudhry has a good video and excell worksheet that can help with getting multiple campaigns/traffic sources tracked, which I have found quite useful.
    Free Tracking Spreadsheet For Paid Traffic (Pay Per Click Formula 2.0) - YouTube!

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