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7 Guru Tactics To Jumpstart Your Home Based Business

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by I'm H, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. I'm H

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    Steve Jobs came back unceremoniously to Apple Computer in 1997 when the company was on its downward spiral. Find out the tactics he used to resuscitate Apple back to profitability. "The rest of the industry is trying to copy our every move again, just like in the '80s… we've got Microsoft copying us again too. And I don't mind. I don't mind," Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer Preface This is part three of my article series on the secret strategies of the gurus. Parts one and two featured Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. Should you wish to read the articles, go to my web site. Comeback kid Steve Jobs came back unceremoniously to Apple Computer in 1997 when the company was on its downward spiral. Industry experts already declared Apple "dead" in 1998. Yet not long after, the company experienced spectacular resuscitation. What gives? Back to Basics Steve Jobs was a homegrown entrepreneur. He started his home based business from the garage of his mother's home. In tough times like in 1998, he pulled out of his sleeves the business basics he learned way back from his home business days. His tactics enabled Apple to experience profitability and growth in the following years. You can benefit from Steve Jobs' experience and wisdom in one way or another. My analysis of his business tactics gained and practiced from growing his home based business are outlined below. Business Basic No. 1: Have a Vision Steve Jobs came back to Apple with a vision clearly etched in his mind. His vision was (is still now): Change the look of the PC and notebook and all computers. His vision led to gleaming and colorful iMacs and iBooks that lifted Apple up to profitability. You, too, must have a vision for your own home based business. Lay down this vision in your mind. Then put it into writing. Post it on the wall beside your desk if you have to. Read your vision everyday while at work in your small corner of the house. Your vision could be as short-term as the following: - To earn $200,000 from Google AdSense this year, or - To make my web site in the top 10 sites in Internet marketing And so on. And so forth. The important thing is to hold on to your vision come wrath or high water. Business Basic No. 2: Innovate Steve Jobs is an innovator in the computing field. He is the brain of the graphical user interface (GUI) that is the standard feature of today's computers. You, too, can introduce innovation to your own business. Examine every aspect of your business operation and change one or two ways of conducting your enterprise. Take the case of one entrepreneur who advertised his business by employing out-of-school kids and street kids to distribute his flyers and ads. He innovated the way he conducted his promotional campaign. Take a closer look at the way you conduct your business. The purpose is to come up with innovative ways that will result in growth and improved profitability. It is important to be grounded on the basics of home business. As you know, the entrepreneural gurus who now rule the business world had nothing but the basic Internet marketing and small business strategies to steer at the beginning of their home based experience. To name just three, you have Microsoft, Apple and Amazon. My web site by the way is offering free learning on the basics of Internet marketing and home based business. You may gain a thing or two from there. Business Basic No. 3: Be thorough To Steve Jobs, there is no detail in his business as to escape his watchful eye. He scrutinizes the look and feel of every product initiative his company engages in. You too must be thorough in your home based business like Steve Jobs. Examine every detail of your small business - from conceptualizing your niche to managing your online presence. Business Basic No. 4: Element of surprise Surprise is one tactic Steve Jobs repeatedly uses to the hilt in his business practice. How often have we expected him unveil a new computer model and be contended instead with a redesigned Mac bearing a new operating system? In your own business you can introduce an element of surprise time and again. You could be giving a 50 percent discount to the first 50 customers of your best-known product. Or you could offer free registration fees to the first 20 signatories of your incoming seminar. People love to be surprised. Our human nature likes to be confronted with a good surprise. Surprise is one key tactic an entrepreneur can utilize to ensure his business success. Business Basic No. 5: Be an aesthetic entrepreneur Steve Jobs is a master of the aesthetics. In 1984 and 1997 we were astonished - and surprised - with the introduction and re-introduction of Apple computer models. Each time there was a new looking Mac and iBook. You can be an aesthetic entrepreneur in your own way. If you are producing ebooks, you can start redesigning covers away from the unattractive look that is common of most ebooks. Or you can give a fresh look to your web site. These are but two of the many ways you can put aesthetic value to work for you in your home based business. Business Basic No. 6: Fresh approach There are many advantages to giving a fresh look to the way you handle your small business. When Steve Jobs came back to Apple in 1997, he put a fresh approach to his job. His fresh approach to the company's management and operation enabled Apple to finally gain profits after three consecutive years of losses. Look at your business from a fresh perspective from time to time. For example, each year try to review the past year's accomplishments. Then add a fresh approach to the way you operate your business for the coming year. Business Basic No. 7: Simplicity and Clarity Clarity of purpose and simplicity of business model. These are two tactical considerations that Steve Jobs carried in his portfolio as he grew from small to big business player. Your home business must be anchored on a goal that is clear to you and to every stake holder of your business. Equally important is to lay down clear targets. Remove the unessential from your goals and targets. Review them on a regular basis. Be simple and carry less baggage as you watch your business grow. Rick Tanzo is the webmaster of the InternetMarketingLearningCenter.com. To learn more about Internet marketing and home based business and enjoy free stuff including reprintable articles and software, visit Clickbank Store.
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