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5 Things You Didn?t Know About Linda - Blog Tag

Linda Buquet

From the 5 Star Blog...

A fun game of blog tag is whipping through the affiliate marketing community. I got tagged so I'm it! In case you don't know the game, bloggers have to share five things about themselves that most readers wouldn't know, and then tag five other bloggers to be "it." You can see my blog tag lineage below and the 5 people I tagged to be next.

<blockquote><strong>5 Things You Didn?t Know About Linda Buquet</strong>

1) My Dad wanted to name me <strong>Linda Loo</strong> after his favorite gravel truck. (He worked in construction at the time.) My mother was smart enough to veto the middle name.

2) I designed the 1st ever full-color mug shot database system for a prison system, using an AT&T Truevision Targa Board. Anyone remember Targa? They called me the Targa queen. I sold lots of Targa boards for lots of weird apps.

3) I was giving seminars about the power of ?Multimedia on the Mac? before the term multimedia was ever coined.

4) Being a counselor for battered women 25 years ago was one of the toughest, yet most personally rewarding jobs I?ve ever had.

5) My favorite color is teal. Opps everyone knows that! :)
My favorite sport is fishing. Who woulda thunk?</blockquote>

Here are my blog tag predecessors. I was tagged by <a target="_new" href="">Anik Singal</a> who was tagged by <a title="5 Things You Don't Know About Rosalind Gardner" href="" target="_blank">Rosalind Gardner</a>, who was tagged by <a title="5 Things You Didn't Know About Jeremy Palmer" href="" target="_blank">Jeremy Palmer</a>, who was tagged by <a title="5 Things You Didn't Know About Scott Jangro" href="" target="_blank">Scott Jangro</a>, who was tagged by <a title="5 Things You Didn't Know About Shawn Collins" href="" target="_blank">Shawn Collins</a>.

Now I'm passing the torch to <a target="_new" href="">Linda Woods - PartnerCentric</a>, <a target="_new" href="">Chris Sanderson - Amwso</a>, <a target="_new" href="">Gene Kavner - AffiliateBrand</a> ( a new 5 Star forum moderator, blog coming about that), <a target="_new" href="">Bobbie Grennier</a> (the Affiliate Blogger and a 5 Star forum mod) and <a target="_new" href="">Teli Adlam </a> (blogger and 5 Star forum mod too).


New Member
Wow! Linda, that is some interesting stuff! I would have to say you are a pretty cool person! I don't have a better word than that now. You are unbelievable!