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5 Star Newsletter September

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Linda Buquet

<img src="" border="0" /> <font color="#006699" face="Arial" size="4"><strong>5 Star Affiliate Newsletter September 07</strong></font> <img src="" border="0" height="23" width="79" />​

Welcome to the September edition of the 5 Star News. Check out our exciting NEW 5 Star programs and be sure to catch the latest 5 Star merchant news &amp; updates below.

We are in the process of redesigning the site, blog and forum with a new logo and a clean new look. Should be finished some time this month. Colors and layout could go a little wonky as we test out new elements of the design and get all the various design elements incorporated into the forum theme. Hopefully most of the construction dust will be behind closed doors, :p but if you see anything out of the ordinary, it's probably intermediate tweaks being made.

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<br /> <strong><font color="#006699" face="Arial" size="4">New 5 Star Affiliate Programs</font></strong>​

One of the biggest companies on the planet will be launching a new affiliate marketing division later this month and 5 Star was selected to help them with the launch PR. So be prepared to see a VERY big name at the top of the 5 Star roster. Any guesses??? :p

<strong><a href="">Electric Fireplaces Direct</a></strong> and <strong><a href="">Mantels Direct Affiliate Program</a></strong> - offer your customers an extensive selection of high quality electric fireplaces, fireplace mantels &amp; accessories. Pays 8% - 60 day cookie. (Managed by PartnerCentric)

<strong><a href="">MedGen Affiliate Program</a></strong> - Offers pain relief, weight loss and other health care supplements using powerful natural products combined with bio-tech expertise. Pays 15% commission. (Managed by PartnerCentric)

Sittercity Launches on Share Results - Sittercity is America's first and largest online babysitter network. With hundreds of thousands of care providers across the US, Sittercity makes it easy for your users to find the perfect babysitter. In addition to babysitters, users can find nannies, petsitters, housesitters, elder care providers and tutors. Starting payouts are $42.50 per sale. (ShareResults)

LookBetterOnline Affiliate Program - offers professional quality photos for use in online profiles and other digital media. Affiliates who have dating or social networking sites are a great match for LookBetterOnline. Affiliates promoting this niche service will earn an attractive (no pun intended) $20.00 CPA for every sale generated. (ShareResults)

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<br /> <strong><font color="#006699" face="Arial" size="4">Affiliate Program News & Updates</font></strong>​

<strong><font color="#ff9900">AMWSO Program News</font></strong>

Forzieri Q4 Affiliate Bonus - $9,850 in cash up for grabs - Forzieri is pleased to announce our Google SEO Optimization Competition, offering over $6,000 in total cash prize money.

<a href="">Jillian Michaels / South Beach Diet Videos</a> - AMWSO once again amazes with powerful pre-selling affiliate-link-embedded videos to help boost your conversions.

<a href="">Giaim Newsletter</a> - Get Fitness and Lifestyle Coupon Codes, discover the new RSS feed option and see the hot new landing pages. Check it all out!

<a href="">GreatSkin Halloween Coupon Special</a> - Skincare Coupon Codes.

Also see <a href="">GreatSkin Best Selling Skin Care Products</a>

<a href=""> September Special Deals on Home Bar Gear</a> - 5 Coupons

<strong><font color="#ff9900">PartnerCentric Program News</font></strong>

<strong><a href="">Coupons Delivered</a></strong> - Has lots of new Affiliate Coupons.

<a href="">Fathead Affiliate Program News</a> - NFL season is here!

<a href="
sa_1">Corner Stork Baby Affiliate News</a>

<a href="">
LampsPlus 1/2 Price Days Sale and NEW tools for your site</a>

<strong><font color="#ff9900">ShareResults Affiliate Program News</font></strong>

<a href="">Win $100 Promoting eLearners!</a> - This month eLearners is launching an exciting new affiliate contest open to all affiliates, with a prize of $100 cash! We are looking for the affiliate that provides the best eLearners coverage on their site – this can include attractively placed banners, text and dynamic links, original, personalized content and anything else you might want to add!

<a href="" target="_blank">American Medical ID</a> has taken the research part off of affiliates shoulders by having completed some research among those living with chronic diseases. 8,848 previous American Medical ID customers completed the survey. Get all the details here and use the info to your advantage.

<a href="">MaternityCard Gets a New Look</a> - One of Share Results’ most improved merchants, MaternityCard, experienced a lavish makeover.*The organization has transformed itself into Maternity Advantage. It’s still the same wonderful healthcare program that helps new and expectant moms who are underinsured or are without maternity insurance, but with a completely different look. Maternity*Advantage*has changed everything

<strong><font color="#ff9900">More 5 Star Program Updates</font></strong>

Interested in OFFLINE Affiliate Marketing? Know Anyone that Is?
The "<a target="_new" href="">DentalPlans At Home Affiliate Program</a>" is strictly for people who want to be able to work from home, but who don't want to build sites and market online. It features a separate log-in and back end that streamlines everything. <strong>Think K.I.S.S for non-affiliates!</strong> Get complete details here.

<a href="
affiliate-news-september.html">JoeBucks Affiliate News September</a>
Check out some new JoeBucks site updates and new product releases. Plus see them in person at the following upcoming shows. News - September is the last month to earn cash and prizes in our "Red Hot Sales" promotion. Add a FREE Prescription Drug Card to Your Site and more. Read the rest of the news here.

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<br /> <strong><font color="#006699" face="Arial" size="4">Hot Forum Topics you May Have Missed</font></strong>​

POLL: <a href="" target="_blank">What's the most difficult thing for a newbie affiliate marketer?</a> - Hi, I just can't decide what's the most difficult thing for a newbie affiliate marketer so I could help them out to sell the products in our network. What do you think? getting traffic? converting? find good niches? making the first sale? I'm voting for: "Keep it going"

<a href="">Help Making my First Conversion</a> Hello all! I am having trouble making my first conversion and I was advised to post here to see what others thought of getting me on the right track. Here is my situation:

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<a href="">what is an affiliate marketing website supposed to look like?</a> Am i supposed to build a website about the topic, and discretely promote the product? OR... Am i supposed to build a webapge AROUND the product and flat out promote the hell out of it? If anyone is willing to share one of their affiliate marketing websites with me, it will really help me out in getting started. I understand that you may not want to share it with the public, but maybe you can pm me?

<a href="
donkey-fell-well-great-lesson.html" target="_blank">The Affiliate Donkey That Fell in the Well - Great Lesson</a>
I love this cool Moose on the Loose Parable. “One day a farmer's donkey (the affiliate) fell down into a well. The animal lay quietly for hours until the farmer (the merchant) eventually noticed him, as the farmer (the merchant) couldn't be bothered to figure out what to do. He…

<a href="" target="_blank">Top 100 Make Money Online &amp; Internet Marketing Blogs</a> Mark over at the blog is working on a nice in-depth list of the Top 100 Make Money Online Blogs. 5 Star comes in at #11 mainly due to all the Technorati problems I've been having for the past couple months. If the list was just based on PR…

<em><font face="Times New Roman"><font color="Purple"><font size="3">Thanks for reading this month's issue of the 5 Star News.
As always, let me know how we can help your efforts and increase your revshare success!</font></font></font></em>
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