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5 Star Newsletter - August 07

Linda Buquet

<img src="" border="0" /> <font color="#006699" face="Arial" size="4"><strong>5 Star Affiliate Newsletter August 07</strong></font> <img src="" border="0" height="23" width="79" />​

Welcome to the August edition of the 5 Star News. Check out our exciting NEW 5 Star programs and be sure to catch the latest 5 Star merchant news &amp; updates below.

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<br /> <strong><font color="#006699" face="Arial" size="4">New 5 Star Affiliate Programs</font></strong>​

<strong><a href="">Vivre</a> Luxury International Brands - New on Performics</strong> - Features over 150 of the most well-loved brands such as adam+eve, Michael Kors and Roberto Cavalli, plus their own private-label collection. $50 Gift Certificate activation bonus. (Managed by PartnerCentric)

<a href=""><strong>Diamond Ocean</strong></a> - The Diamond Ocean affiliate program is one of the most exciting diamond merchants on the ShareASale network, featuring literally thousands of diamonds and fine jewelry items. Commission start at 14% for jewelry sales and 7% on loose diamonds. (Managed by AMWSO)

<a href=""><strong></strong></a> - Competitive prices - 10% commission rate. Name brand products like Chi, GiGi, BaByliss, Caruso, Oster, Wahl, and many more. Hair Products are a great niche to work in, everyone uses hair products (<em>from shampoo to hair dryers, scissors to hair colors</em>). (Managed by AMWSO)

<a href=""><strong></strong></a> - BiggerBooks was developed to give the avid reader a way to find book titles quickly at deeply discounted prices. BiggerBooks offer a comprehensive range of new and used books Running on Shareasale and Commission Junction, with commissions running from 5% and up. (Managed by AMWSO)
- Books for Christians carries include the following Christian focused merchandise : Bible Accessories, Bible Reference Books, Bibles, Christian Music CD's, Sheet Music and Homeschool supplies. Running on Shareasale with commissions from 5% and up.(Managed by AMWSO) - Promote new and used textbooks, trade books, electronics, computers, gifts and other services traditionally associated with the college experience. Running on Shareasale and Commission Junction, with commissions running from 5% and up. (Managed by AMWSO)

<strong><a href="">CCI Corinthian Colleges</a> A BRAND NEW EDUCATIONAL Affiliate Network </strong> - Cash in on the Lucrative Distance Learning &amp; Online Education Market. Earn up to $25 per education lead.CCI has more than 120 college campuses plus online education options for your visitors. (Managed by CCI)

<strong><a href="">World Dating Partners - White Label Dating Affiliate Program</a></strong> - Why join dating affiliate programs when you can start your own private label, co-brand or white label NICHE dating service for FREE. Options include: co-branded &amp; white label sites and content feeds.Earn 3 ways - member commission, affiliate commission and 2nd tier commission.(Managed by WDP)

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<br /> <strong><font color="#006699" face="Arial" size="4">Affiliate Program News & Updates</font></strong>​

Corinthian Colleges Affiliate Program News
- CCI affiliates are getting some great conversion rates - up to 30%. Read the CCI news about top schools and example of a new high converting banner. Also meet the CCI affiliate management team. Brittany and Jason.

<strong><font color="#ff9900">PartnerCentric Program News</font>
<strong><a href="">Coupons Delivered</a></strong><strong> Has TONs of Affiliate Coupons for August.&nbsp;</strong> Dozens of new coupons are now available offering hundreds of dollars in savings to your customers.

<a href=""><strong> Announces Increased Commission Schedule</strong></a> To further increase the revenue potential with the commission schedule has been increased plus don't forget, there is a 25% first month commission bonus for all new affiliates!

<strong><a href="">Corner Stork Baby Gifts</a></strong> has is proud to present an exclusive affiliate offer to their customers - Free Ground Shipping over orders of $75 with code AUG78 at checkout.

<strong><a href="">My Wedding Favors</a></strong> is proud to present an exclusive affiliate offer to their customers - Free Ground Shipping over orders of $135 with code AUG78 at checkout.

<strong><a href="">GeneEd! Activation Bonus</a> Now through the August 31, 2007</strong> - once you generate your first valid sale of a GeneEd course, we will apply a quick $25 bonus to your CJ account.

<strong><a href="">BriteSmile</a></strong> - Now - until August 24th, your customers get 10% off on all bookings made at BriteSmile, using coupon code 0708-ALKS.

<strong><font color="#ff9900">AMWSO Program News</font></strong>

<strong><a href="">KegWorks Activation Bonus</a></strong> - Get active and earn an increased commission until the end of September! Reach 10 accumulated orders in the months of July and August and you'll have 7% commission until the end of September. Also check out KegWorks - <a>New bar gear products</a>.

<strong><a href=""></a></strong> - New coupons for hair care, fashion and savings sites - 31 Jul 2007

<a href="" id="thread_title_6989" style="font-weight: bold;">Panda Security</a> presents its new 2008 product line with megadetection

<strong><a href="">Gaiam</a></strong> - More New Pre-coded Consumer Videos &amp; Coupon Codes

<strong><a href="">Pharmatropic</a></strong> - Free Content for Home, Health and Wellness Sites - 23 Jul 2007

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<br /> <strong><font color="#006699" face="Arial" size="4">Hot Forum Topics you May Have Missed</font></strong>​

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<em><font face="Times New Roman"><font color="Purple"><font size="3">Thanks for reading this month's issue of the 5 Star News.
As always, let me know how we can help your efforts and increase your revshare success!</font></font></font></em>
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