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5 Star EPC?


Hi Linda,
I have a question for you.
On the home page of 5 Star Affiliate Program there are 5 or 6 Top ( I assume) affiliate programs. Do you have an (EPC) average commission on average per 100 clicks for these programs or any others? Please.


Linda Buquet

Hi scoop,

All the programs on the front page of 5 Star are my clients. Those are also the merchants linked at the very top of the forum. There are 14 right now.

However PartnerCentric one of my clients manages around 40 affiliate programs and Schaaf Consulting manages 4. So if you go to my directory they are all listed and there are over 100 because AMWSO used to be one of my clients and their 15 or so programs are still listed because they have merged with PC. WHEW!

So to answer your questionm since I don't directly manage any of the programs and since I have so many clients, I don't have access to all their stats and an't keep up with their EPCs. HOWEVER, we ONLY promote merchants that are really good and one of the biggest facters we look at is conversions.

I turn merchants away that want to pay me BIG bucks to be a 5 Star Program, all the time because they either have leaks or poor conversions.

Many of the programs are on CJ, so you can check their EPC there.

Here are a few EPCs for CJ clients. Some of these are my direct clients and some are PC's clients.

A few CJ merchants 3 month EPC
NetQuote $63.61
Wynn Las Vegas $58.03
21st Century Auto Insurance $77.72
Lifescript Vitamins $76.23
Irv's Luggage $13.53
National Geographic online store $7.10

Hope this gives you some idea.

NEWBIES: DO not just pick the highest ECP program unless your site and traffic is a match. If your site is about electronics you will not get many car insurance leads. Yes, everyone has a car. But insurance is very competitive so if you had a car site, an auto loan site or insurance site you would do better.



Thanks Linda for the info.
Sorry about the free??? :confused: offer the other day. I honestly thought it was a free tool.
I have some other goodies that I will post later.