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5 Cyber Mondays for Online Holiday Shopping - Plan for Sales

Linda Buquet

Since we just started the 4th Quarter and the exciting climb toward Holiday sales, I wanted to share this blog from Performics. They offer some good points about Holiday sales planning in addition to showing us a revealing sales trend chart. The graph tracks the sales volume for the past 4 years in relationship to Black Friday and the 4 following Mondays, aptly tagged Cyber Mondays.

Interesting to note - this year there will be <strong>5 Cyber Mondays</strong> instead of the usual 4.

<strong>DoubleClicks Performics Blog "<a target="_new" href="">Holiday Peak Day Planning</a>"</strong>

Also see the Chief Marketer column written by Cam Balzer, Vice President of Emerging Media at DoubleClick Performics <strong>"<a target="_new" href="">Multichannel Holiday Strategies for Monday through Sunday</a>"</strong>