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4 Tips On How To Find Affiliate Programs


1. Basics of affiliate marketing

Becoming a member of an affiliate network is usually free, and offers you a lot of opportunities in countless markets and market niches by basically pushing other people’s products. You can earn some side income or even make a handsome living by collecting commissions on sales made through your website, blog or even through other sites. Commissions can sometimes reach 50–75% or more on each sale resulting from your sales efforts.

2. Differentiators

The Internet is full of affiliate programs, which can be hard to be told apart by a rookie. Usually the biggest difference among them is the type of products they promote. Their strategies vary widely, from requiring affiliates to post links to the products sold, to those that offer comprehensive training and skills honing. The fundamental business model is the same: earning commissions by selling products, content and/or subscriptions.

3. Common pay models

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn money in three different ways:

· Cost-per-click: Most suitable for high-traffic content. Revenue is made by earning a small amount for every click made from your page or content site onto the advertiser’s site.

· Cost-per-lead: The strategy here is getting people to sign up or fill out a form with the advertiser from a link on your site. Earnings per lead are still pretty low, but still slightly higher than cost-per-click.

· Cost-per-acquisition: This one is good for niche-specific and/or high-quality products. Commissions, which can be fixed or percentage-based, are made every time an actual sale is made by the advertiser to leads forwarded through a link on your website or content page.

4. Making up your mind

It’s always wise to pick a theme you feel passionate about, and also one in which you have some expert and/or insider knowledge that you can share with others. Home and gardening, health and fitness, pet training, you name it! Find a network that offers the kind of products you are most interested in, like Commission Junction, LinkShare, ShareaSale, Clickbank, and Amazon. Bear in mind, though, that it isn’t really about deciding which affiliate program to join; rather, it’s about finding a network which offers products relevant to your area of interest and the content you promote.

James Whitef

This is very helpful information and many people can easily get terms of affiliate programs. Here's the core detail behind the rising popularity of affiliate marketing.


I agree with you that the Internet is full of affiliate programs. Which are difficult for a beginner to distinguish. Where really good life coach certification online for training with professional trainers. And where it is not clear what. Just to make money from you. And without teaching you anything. Always choose your course wisely. And what you really need. Especially appropriate to your area of interest and advertised content.
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