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3 Month Window of Opportunity in Pay Per Call

Discussion in 'Pay Per Call' started by ringpartner, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. ringpartner

    ringpartner Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Our Distribution Manager, Jon Belliveau, wants to alert everyone to a 3 Month Window of Opportunity in Pay Per Call, with Health Insurance.

    For 3 months of the year Health Insurance becomes one of the biggest verticals in pay per call. The reason being is that from November 15th 2014 to February 15th 2015 there is an "Open Enrollment" period for obtaining a Health Insurance plan, make changes, etc. If people miss this window, they need to wait until the following year.

    A key point of success with promoting this is the "Affordable Care Act" (also known as Obamacare) which requires most Americans to obtain Health Insurance coverage or pay a large fine. Everyone with over $27,000 of household income that have not experienced any major life changes (loss of job, divorce, etc) are required to have Health Insurance under the Affordable Care Act. On a positive note, some people may qualify for tax benefits to help subsidize the costs.

    So basically, people are being forced by the government to get Health Insurance coverage or receive a penalty. The problem is that many Americans still do not understand Obamacare, how it affects them, or when the open enrollment period starts and ends. Because of this there is confusion, which results in a TON of online traffic through Search, Social Media, Email, PPV, Display, and more.

    With Open Enrollment beginning on November 15th there is still time to do your research, and make sure you are prepared to take advantage of this massive opportunity.

    If you have any questions, feel free to add Jon on Skype - RingPartnerJon or email him at [email protected].
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  2. newbidder
  3. Unicorn

    Unicorn Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Thank you for this valuable information! As I am not an American, it's very helpful for me to know about such opportunity.
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  4. ringpartner

    ringpartner Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    We're also not american, we're based in Victoria, BC, Canada.

    So, we've been educating ourselves on the topic. Happy to share what we've learned :)

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