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25 Steps to Launching Your Blog and Making money blogging


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Hey Gang I thought you might bloggers out there might find this useful, and I encourage you to add your thoughts on Launching a blog.
A few weeks back I went on a search for how to launch your blog, you know a checklist, tips articles and that sort of thing and came up with two very good checklists which I condensed into one very long post on my blog.
I'll give you a snippet of it, I'd like to just post the whole thing here but I'm afraid I'd peeve off the admins. ITS HUGE.
There's 25 tips. it goes by the title 25 Steps to Launching Your Blog and Making money blogging Ok heres a snippet:
1. Choose Your Blog System
2. Register Your Domain.
3. Find a Host.
4. Get statistics
5. Install Wordpress
6. Find a Theme
7. Edit Your Theme
8. Install Your Statistics Tracking Code
9. Install Your Plugins
Ok there's more and copying and pasting is starting to get annoying now :eek:
Check out the post leave your thoughts and or continue this thread and add your thoughts.
Cheers and Beers From Canada


I was going to start a new thread with some of my questions, but it might be better to ask it here.
What exactly am I supposed to write about? How will writing about those topics, writing that certain way make me money? How do I get readers? I have a blog (blogspot) and have no problem consistently writing, just I don't have any readers and don't exactly know what I am supposed to write about that will help me make money. I did read many threads here looking for answers but it seems that those are not important elements.
If there is something I'm missing out here, I'd love to know. Thanks so much 5 star forum. I've already learned much from here, and I think that there is more for me to learn here too. Thanks so much!


Excellent resource shaners.

Slightly unrelated note -- your signature reads "Darren Rowse says its hard to How to make money online blogging...", it probably should read "Darren Rowse says it's hard to make money online blogging..." in order to make a grammatically correct sentence.

~ Teli