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Affiliates Wanted 25% recurring with EvoWire

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by EvoWire, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. EvoWire

    EvoWire Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Only a small percentage of businesses regularly backup their computers. An even smaller number store their backup data offsite. Each year, this behavior causes thousands of businesses to suffer major financial losses due to fire, flood, theft, equipment failure and many other common catastrophes. Still, even more data is lost due to common user error.

    Now, you can offer your clients an affordable service that virtually guarantees backups are done properly, regularly and mostly importantly, stored offsite!

    Using the Internet, encrypted copies of irreplaceable computer files are securely transferred to a remote storage location each night. In the unlikely event that a clients’ office does get damaged or destroyed, their business data is still intact in the EvoWire remote storage vault.

    Benefits of Recommending EvoWire

    The market for backup services is virtually unlimited. Literally every computer that has valuable data on it can benefit from our automated online backup service. This presents a great opportunity for you to deliver true value to your clients – and to be fairly compensated for your efforts.

    As an EvoWire Pro Partner, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

    • Competitively priced online backup service for Windows PCs, laptops and servers from a reliable company that truly understands the needs of the small-mid sized business clients

    • Complimentary EvoWire “Starter” service package (100Gig - $57.99 month value) at no charge for your promotional and/or in-house use

    • An online “click-thru” URL and associated partner code to help you make sales to anybody that visits your website or link when you are at the client’s location.

    • Compensation plan that pays you a commission for bringing the client onboard -- plus revenue sharing of the monthly billings for as long as a client is on the service

    • Sample marketing materials, logos, fliers, letters and ad copy to assist in promotional efforts

    • Direct access to the best backup customer support staff anywhere!

    Prior to becoming an EvoWire Pro-Partner, we strongly suggest that you take our no-obligation 30 day free trial offer, so that you can fully explain the value of this service to your clients. IT Professionals that currently service a client base of small-to-medium sized businesses are usually successful in adding this offering to their client portfolio.

    Contact Information

    For more information on being an EvoWire Pro-Partner, please contact us at 570-865-6140
    or come see us at evowire com
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