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2 Letter Domain




I recently registered a 2 letter domain

with the perfect Domain Name...


A really great domain for a firm with the initials F E

Also could be used for Foreign Exchange Market, Forex Exchange,
Financial Business, Entertainment ...

Much of the value of a name is based on how easy it is to remember and type. Two letter Dot Coms sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Dot LA extension is newer, it has some catching up to do.
F and E are among the most often used letters.
Many many businesses have the initials FE.
What do you think?

Dot LA is the country code top level domain (CC TLD) of the country of Laos. Laos has reserved some domains for in-country use and has opened the remainder to the public without restriction, particularly to Los Angeles as the logical domain for businesses located in the City of Angels. Dot LA domains give you the right to construct a website at a particular Internet address, in this case FE.LA . Dot LA websites function exactly as Dot COM or Dot NET websites do. The only difference is the Dot LA identity.


I'm not sure of what to do with it...I currently opened a test website.
I would only sell it to a good offer.
If anybody is interested in buying this domain pm me with offeres or post in this thread..