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2 DentalPlans Contests

Linda Buquet

2 New Affiliate Contests - At, we want to show our appreciation for our affiliates. We launched 2 new contests:

Benjamin?s Random Electric Giveaway!

When most people think of Benjamin Franklin, they think of electricity. You know? the infamous kite-and-key experiment! A RANDOM event that led to the important discovery that lightning and electricity are the same.

But of course, that?s not all we think of when we think of ?Benjamins? or ?Franklins?! Franklin's likeness adorns the American $100 bill?and with that being said, we are going to create a RANDOM event that will make one affiliate each month feel ?Electric?.

Each week in August, a random time and day will be selected. If you are the affiliate with the closest sale to the RANDOM time and day selected within that week, you will win a $100, or should I say a ?Benjamin?!

Site of the Month $100 Contest

The ?Site of the Month $100 Contest? is a bit more involved. The affiliate who submits their site to Ken,, and is chosen by our marketing department to have a site worthy of Site of the Month status will receive $100!

What makes a great site?

Fresh content
Interesting Design
Search Engine Optimization

The site that blends these criteria the best will be rewarded. But remember, you must submit your site to us to be considered.
Dawn Bachers - Affiliate Manager
If you have not joined DentalPlans yet - here is all the info - join us today!

Linda Buquet

Congrats to all the lucky winners!

DentalPlans gave out $500 to weekly winners and $100 to the site of the month winner who will be featured in their next newsletter. Here are the affiliate IDs of the winners:

6641,2053,5229,4280,2237 and the site of the month winner was also one of the random winners #6641!

DentalPlans had a terrific August and may very well be having a contest like this again soon. So get those links and banners up today.

Join DentalPlans here: