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11 things to consider while building a business website

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by Tanay Kumar Das, Mar 31, 2019.

  1. Tanay Kumar Das

    Tanay Kumar Das Affiliate affiliate

    Today websites has become the face of any brand. So, without a website the branding of a business is next to impossible these days. Therefore in order to spread the awareness of your products and services a website is a key factor in helping you to earn maximum revenue in the online mode. Today 80% of the young generation is tech savvy and they are inclined towards online surfing in satisfying their daily requirement. So, in this scenario having a website for your business is very important. Hence let’s get in to the details that what are the things to consider while building a website.

    There are several things that you need to consider while building a business website for your business.

    Before building a business website certain things need a clear understanding in order to provide a clear response.

    Who are you?

    For many people website is considered as the face of your brand and hence you need to chalk out a plan that, what kind of message you want to put forward through your website.

    The type of message that you want to put forward entirely depends on the nature of your business. So, you must consider the facts that what type of business you are doing is it concerned to lifestyle, manufacturing process, or IT. These things must be kept in mind while building a website and accordingly the theme should be chosen to demonstrate the core values of the organization.

    This is also a great question which you must not miss while designing the About Us page in your website. The reason is that in this page you will get the scope of expressing the work culture and the philosophy of your brand very easily which will attract your viewers towards your website.

    What is the purpose of the site?

    There is a famous saying by Chanakya once “ Bahu Gun Hitaye Bahu Gun Sukhyae” The actual meaning of this phrase is that the more the information of your website help your people to solve their problem in life through your business model the more your business will get the positive exposure. So, keeping in mind the need of your end user and your customer you must create your website.

    Your website must address the problem of your client directly so that the call to action button of your potential customers must get converted in to sales easily.

    Now let’s see, the technical details you need to follow in order to get your website more appealing towards your target audience.

    · Choosing a domain:-

    You can produce most revolutionary product but if your website address is jumbled up with symbols and letters then people will not recognize it. So, to stay in the people’s minds for longer duration you need to have a simple and easy website address to enter. Now if the website is for any company or brand then you must put the name of the brand or the company in the website address.

    Another important point here is that the age of the domain name if you have an older domain name then you can get the SEO benefit out of it. The main reason behind this is you will get the readymade traffic for your new website. You will get the advantage of using preexisting traffic, better Alexa ranking and back links.

    · NAP Signature:-

    The contact information of your business must be presented clearly on your website so that the communication process between your clients becomes easier and smoother. The NAP here stands for your Name, Address and Phone number must be clearly stated where ever your website is visible on any platform to prove the authenticity of your business.

    This includes websites, directories, social media and other places.

    · Showoff your expertise:-

    You need to show your visitor that you possess the experience and expertise which can be beneficial to them. This can give them the feeling that the money spent on the website is worthwhile and your customers will get a clear indication that they will get the thing from you for which they have made the investment on you. This includes adding testimonials, services related blogs, can educate your clients and gives them an impression that your website will help them in fulfilling their requirement.

    · Clear and precise content:-

    The content of your website must be clear and precise so that it may help your viewers to understand the message of the brand in a clear manner. Over expressive technical jargons may reduce the readability of the website.

    · Avoid too many videos and flash music on your website:-

    If your website has too many unnecessary videos, flash music, and unwanted data’s then it may decrease the loading speed of your website. You must get rid of the facts if these elements are in auto play mode and can increase the bounce rate of your website to a great extent.

    You must avoid using bright colors on your website background, and on the other places of your website. This can disrupt the core message of the website. Professional and simple themes can easily enhance the quality of your website.

    · Mobile friendliness of the website:-

    From the year of 2014 over a quarter of website browsing is done from the mobiles. So, a responsive mobile website is very important to build the awareness of your brand to a greater extent. If your site is unreachable or unreadable on your mobile then it may result in losing your potential audience. So, a mobile friendly website is very important.

    · Link your website with Analytics tool:-

    Whenever you link your website with the analytics tool then you will get the clear information that from where your website is getting traffic, what is the bounce rate of your website. And what is loading speed of your website. On each and every factor you will get the correct information from the Google analytics tool.

    · Is your site a secure site :-

    If your site handles transaction then it is very important that your site must be a secure site. For this the SSL or BBB certificate is very important to build the trust among your users about the trustworthiness of your site.

    So, these are the factors that are essential while building a website for your brand and for these you need to seek the support of a reputed brand that can effectively help you in this regard.
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  3. Paul43

    Paul43 Affiliate affiliate

    This is something I haven’t managed yet. The connection between the product which is advertised and the website Theme.
    I’m not talking about just adding a couple of images of the product, but about the website structure.
    I chose the Theme of mine based on how I could display the informations I wanted to offer in the clearest possible way, but I admit, the structure and outlook of the website isn’t in any way related to its content
    Could you make a couple of examples?
  4. Paul43

    Paul43 Affiliate affiliate

    I think the best way to gain trust in your expertise consists in some form of Comments Section, under the single products for example, or under each News page, where you can interact publicly with your prospects.
    A blog is probably the best way to achieve this
  5. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    If you are going to write in English make sure the grammar is correct.
    That is my #1 turnoff -- and I don't buy.
    For any major commitment B2B type proposal.
    Inexpensive one time purchases --maybe. Design templates as an example ...

    It's not that people are not intelligent -- it's that they are not paying attention to details and cheaping out on their web copy. "What sort of businessmen are these" is the first thing that comes to my mind. When people are confident in a proposal/product they make sure they get it right ;)
  6. Paul43

    Paul43 Affiliate affiliate

    Although using technical jargons can be a way to show your expertise and to address prospects who possess already a basic knowledge about the product...
  7. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    When dealing with acronyms always state the full text definition.
    ABC (About Babylon College) <<< I have adopted this format but the reverse is also commonly used.
    After stating the acronym in full, it is understood by all and can be back-referenced by those unfamiliar with the acronym.
  8. Paul43

    Paul43 Affiliate affiliate

    Sometimes we no native English speakers don't assess the right way how trust-losing a bad English is for native English speaking people.
    For us, grammar mistakes are not that bad, because, in some way, we recognise ourselves in them, it's our English after all...
  9. Paul43

    Paul43 Affiliate affiliate

    It's most annoying finding an unknown acronym to me, so first, I have to guess from the context, what could it mean... that copy&past into google, shift, get the results, it means several things, trying to find out the most probable meaning, realising that none of the listed meaning is suitable, cursing, going back to the article...
  10. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    Information is never used plural in English -- that's a dead giveaway ;)
    I am just saying if you want to market a B2B product in English speaking countries; US, GB, CA, NZ, AU; we pay close attention to those things when accessing the proposition -- when real money is involved: like a SaaS or software.

    I am very forgiving of software in github that is open source -- I understand that many talented developers are not native English speakers.

    tip: highlight the text (term) and right click >search with [browser's search engine selected]