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11 headline formulas to boost conversions

Nizar Ali

Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
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Don`t reinvent the wheel. Utilize proven headline formulas to boost your conversions.

1. How to [Achieve a Desired Outcome]

2. [Large Number] of Ways to [Achieve an Outcome]

3. The Ultimate Guide to [Achieve a Desired Outcome]

4. Warning! Are You [Doing Something Undesirable]?

5. [Number] Proven [Actions/Ways] to [Achieve a Desired Result]

6. [Number] Mistakes Most People Make When/With [Common Action]

7. [Number] Secrets to [Achieve a Desired Outcome]

8. [Number] Lessons I Learned When/From [Experience]

9. No/Yes, You [Pre-Empt Objection] to [Achieve a Desired Result]

10. [Person] Did [Unusual Action] [Timeframe]. Here’s What Happened

11. How [A Seemingly Inconsequential Action] Can Lead to [Undesirable Result]


12. How to [Achieve a Desired Outcome] Like [Celebrity]

13. How to [Desired Outcome] Without [Unpleasant Action]

14. [Number or How to] Simple/Easy Ways to [ Desired Outcome]

15. We Analyzed [Number] [Measurable] And This Is What We Learned

16. A [Power Word] Tutorial to [Achieve a Desired Outcome]

17. [Number] Hacks to [Achieve a Desired Outcome]

18. Why [Thing] Makes You [Achieve a Desired Outcome]

19. [Number] Steps to [Achieve a Desired Outcome]

20. Stop [Doing Undesirable Common Action]

21. [Number] Reasons [Why You Have Undesirable Result]

22. Imagine [Desired Outcome]

23. [Number] Little-Known Ways to [Desired Outcome]

24. What You Should Know About [Topic]

25. Why [Problem]. And What to Do About It.

26. [Number] [Experts] Share [Way to Achieve a Desired Outcome]

27. Are You More Like [X] or [Y]?

28. We Can Help You [Achieve a Desired Outcome Better/Faster/etc.] By [Number]%

29. How We [Achieved Desired Result] in [Timeframe]

30. These/Find Out Which [Number Things] Could/Will [Desired Outcome]



AffKit Ninja
25. Why [Problem]. And What to Do About It.
I like that one best
Many variations to the format
  • Why are you (problem)? Here's how to fix it!
  • Have you got (problem)? Here's the solution!
  • Are you getting (problem)? Solve it fast!
  • Can't get (problem) to work? Here's how to do it!
Problem/solution formula is a winner

Now if you can get a (unsolved) trending problem with high search volume .. and if the solution happens to be an affiliate product