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100% Dedicated for Success (With Mobile)

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by denisoi, Jan 16, 2015.

  1. denisoi

    denisoi Affiliate affiliate

    Hello fixers,

    My name is Dan, i'm from Romania and i'm doing affiliate marketing from over 2 years. I started with ppd/cpa i had a lot of websites but after all animal updates from the big G i lost almost all my traffic and i have to change my plan.

    From November last year i started with mobile paid traffic and i'm still fighting to find my success. I created this thread in hope to keep me motivated and to share with you guys my progress and my work.

    In these 2 months from when i get started i didn't had any notable success but i didn't fail 100% because i learn how to set up tracking how to create banners how to optimize offers and so on. My problem was that i couldn't find my vertical, i jumped from dating to pin submits and from adult to sweepstakes.

    Anyway, now i'm focused in pin submits/sweepstakes and i hope to make them work. I'm not frustrated because i didn't made any profit in this period, i'm patient and i hope to understand how things work.

    Right now i have one offer up, it's a voucher offer for uk.One of the problem seems to be the landing page CTR, i tested few landers but the best CTR is between 3%-4%. I have urgency elements like countdown timer and geo location script and date and time script to "force" the visitors to go on the offer but seems to don't be enough.

    Maybe the traffic quality is a problem too.

    Here are my stats from 9-16 january for this campaign

    Total spent : $131.84
    Total Profit : $86
    Profit : -$45.84

    Anyone had/have success with sweepstakes campaigns on Decisive ? i'm using this traffic source from almost 2 months i started to understand how to optimize my offers and banners, all my banners have over 1% CTR, CPM between 5-9 cents and CPC under 1 cent but it's hard to get conversions. I have over 2k clicks per day and i get only 8-10 conversions.

    I split my campaign in 4 parts : Wifi app and Wifi app with good placements (placements from where i got conversion) and the same process for Mobile App. Wifi site and Mobile site didn't generated any conversions. The problem is that i don't get leads anymore from "good placements" , before to clone my campaigns and run "good placements" i had few apps which generated 2-3 conversion before and i made this change in hope to get more traffic from these apps and make a positive ROI but now i don't get any conversions.(Maybe was luck, who knows)

    I'm sure here are lot of members with more experience in sweeps vertical so i appreciate to have some suggestions.

    Thanks for reading.
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  2. Voluum
  3. tourist

    tourist Affiliate affiliate

    thanks for your thread .i feel dating and adult are easy convert .sometinme traffic source is a crucial factor .what are you thinking about ?
  4. denisoi

    denisoi Affiliate affiliate

    Well, maybe you're right.. i wanted adult but for personal reasons i couldn't get started.. maybe later. Right now i try to focus on sweepstakes and something similar.
  5. tej

    tej Affiliate affiliate

    Hi i need help if someone can...whre i cn run ppc for tech support in low cost to generate calls as well as what r the most trafic website with low cost for high traffic.so that i cn get more leads for my business. Thnk u if sm1 cn help me