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10 great niche market research resources and tools

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by its_me_shaners, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. its_me_shaners

    its_me_shaners New Member

    If you've been blogging for any length of time you've come to the conclusion that having in order to create a niche blog that makes money you have to have a tool box of goodies to find the right niche

    So in the interest of providing you with the best and most accurate information possible I'm going to share with you something I found quite sometime ago and have been using to find niche markets for my blogging business.

    I cant say I remember where I found it so if anyone has seen this somewhere else please do inform me so I can give proper credit where credit is due.

    1. Trends

    Google Trends
    => Google Trends

    => trendwatching.com: trend database

    2. Directories

    Directories are where search engines where born, and can give you great insight into categories and niches both by seeing who is there and visiting them.

    Open Directory Project
    => ODP - Open Directory Project

    Yahoo Directory
    => Yahoo! Directory

    3. Mega Ideas Generator

    Google Suggest
    => Google

    Lycos Movers and Shakers
    => Lycos 50 - Top Fall TV Searches

    Alexa Top 500 Movers and Shakers
    => Alexa Web Search - Top 500

    Amazon Bestsellers
    => Amazon.com Bestsellers

    => Main Page - WikiSuccess, be the Best!

    Barnes and Nobles BestSellers
    => Barnes?&?Noble.com - Bestsellers

    43 Things
    => 43 Things

    Squidoo Top Lenses
    => Squidoo Top 100

    => Magazines.com Magazine Subscriptions

    Ebay Pulse
    => eBay Pulse: trends, hot picks, cool stuff and popular searches on eBay.com

    Shopping.com Top Searches
    => Shopping.com - Shopping made simple

    Yahoo Recreational Hobbies
    => Recreational Hobbies in the Yahoo! Directory

    Google Groups
    => Google Groups

    Yahoo Groups
    => Yahoo! Groups - Join or create groups, clubs, forums & communities

    Google Blogsearch
    => Google Blog Search

    => Blog Directory, Blog Search Engine, Blog Sites // BlogCatalog

    Google Catalogs
    => Google Catalogs

    Yahoo Buzz Index
    => Yahoo! Buzz Index

    Technorati Top Searches
    => Technorati: Home

    Thesauraus, Dictionary, and Encyclopedia
    => http://thesauraus.reference.com/

    4. Affiliate Programs

    Not only can you research lucrative affiliate programs you can promote, and get ideas for products to fill a niche, but all the affiliate networks will show you what their hottest offers for you to promote. This also tells you what niches are hot, or you can use those to suggest products to create yourself.

    => http://www.azoogleads.com/corp/index.php

    Joe Bucks
    => Affiliate Programs by Joe Bucks

    => MoreNiche Affiliate Program - Make Money Online!

    ClickBank Marketplace
    => https://www.clickbank.com/marketplace.htm?s=&method=Sort&c=65&keywords=#

    => PayDotCom.com

    => Free IQ - The Marketplace for Ideas

    Associate Programs
    => Affiliate programs directory - Associate Programs.com

    => Affiliate programs with lifetime commissions or residual commissions for life

    2 Tier
    => 2-Tier Affiliate Program Directory

    Affiliate Directory
    => AffiliatesDirectory.com - The Affiliate Programs Directory: Home Page

    5 Star Affiliate Program (My favourite forum and has been for quite sometime)
    =>5 Star Affiliate Programs - High Commission Best Affiliate Marketing Program

    5. Free Keyword Tools

    Google Adwords Keyword Tool
    => https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

    Webmaster Toolkit Keyword Research Tool
    => Keyword Research Tool :: Webmaster Toolkit

    SEO 20/20
    => Keyword Suggestion Tool

    WordTracker FREE Keyword Tool
    => Free Keyword Suggestion Tool from Wordtracker

    Digital Point
    => Free Keyword Suggestion Tool (Wordtracker Suggestion Tool & Overture Bid Tool Combined) & Keyword Generator

    Nichebot Classic
    => Keyword research service for search engine placement, Google keyword tracking tools, web site promotion software

    DomainCountry Keyword Tool
    => Domain Country: Website Maintenance, Personal Email Accounts, Search Engine Optimization and Domain Names

    => Niche Taxi - niche websites that make BIG money Online!

    => Wordpot - Free Keyword Tool

    => Domain name information, Internet domain name search register registration

    6. Answers, ?How To? and Self Help

    Great for for niche research, you can contribute and leave your link for traffic generation.

    =>eHow | How To Do Just About Everything!

    => wikiHow - The How-To Manual That Anyone Can Write or Edit

    => Answerbag.com | Ask Questions, Share Answers

    How Stuff Works
    => HowStuffWorks - Learn how Everything Works!

    So You Wanna?
    => SoYouWanna.com | Learn What You Wanna Do

    =>Welcome to About.com

    => Welcome to Yedda - People. Sharing. Knowledge.

    Yahoo Answers
    => Yahoo! Answers - Home

    Tips and Answers
    => Tips and Answers

    This is a good gem to look out for. Use this to create custom reports and offer to your list and add value to your subscribers, or as opt-in incentives:

    =>Find All About ?> www.FindAllAbout.com - Custom Reports Just For You

    Here is some great ?How To? materials that will also generate loads of useful ideas:
    Must watch => VideoJug -> VideoJug - Life Explained. On Film.

    ?Early To Rise Health, Wealth, & Success Ezine? with loads of great info:
    => The Internet's Most Popular Health, Wealth & Success E-Zine - Early To Rise

    ?MyGoals? pre-made and customized goal-attainment:
    => www.mygoals.com

    7. Article Directories

    Great source for information and ideas, as well as traffic genetation.

    => Ezine Article Submission - Submit Your Best Quality Original Articles For Massive Exposure, Ezine Publishers Get 25 Free Article Reprints

    => Free Content Articles Directory and Search Engine for your Ezine or Website - iSnare.com

    Associated Content
    => The People's Media Company - Associated Content

    => SearchWarp Writer's Community for Do It Yourself and Current Events Commentary

    Article Dashboard
    => Article Dashboard Directory | Submit Articles | Search Find Free Content | Author Submission

    => Article Search Engine Directory: GoArticles.com

    => Free Articles Directory | Submit Articles - ArticlesBase.com

    => Free articles - Article collections - Article database | Free Article Submission

    =>ArticleCity.com - Free Articles for Reprint. Free Articles for your web site and newsletters. Submit Your Articles to Our Articles Directory.

    8. Public Domain

    Wikipedia list of public domain directories
    => Public domain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    => Main Page - Gutenberg

    Online Books Page
    => The Online Books Page

    Creative Commons
    => Creative Commons

    Google US Government Search
    => Google U.S. Government Search

    Public Domain Books Online
    => Public Domain Books: Online - Virtual Library Contains 1000's of Free Books, Classic Literature and E-Texts from the Public Domain

    =>ibiblio - Linux

    Health Research Books
    => Health Research Books : Publishing Rare and Unusual Books since 1952 : Alternative Medicine, Natural Cures, Esoterica

    => Bibliomania - Free Online Literature and Study Guides

    Electronic Text Center
    => University of Virginia Library

    9. Interesting Facts

    Amusing Facts
    => Your Portal For Amusing Facts, Useless Facts, Strange Facts, Weird Facts, Bizarre Facts, Brain Teasers, Stupid People Stories, Greeting Cards, Interesting Facts!

    Strange Facts
    => Strange But True at StrangeFacts.com! #1 for strange facts, tidbits and useless information

    10. Forums

    Forums can be some of the best resources for specific end-user answers, and allow you to ask specific questions.

    =>The Warrior Forum

    Big Board
    => The largest Message Boards and Forums on the web!

    Digital Point
    => Webmaster Forum - Internet Marketing & Search Engine Forums

    => SitePoint : New Articles, Fresh Thinking for Web Developers and Designers

    A Best Web Affiliate Marketers forum
    => The #1 Affiliate Marketing Forum :: ABestWeb ::

    => ZamDooForums.com - Index

    GCD ?Unofficial? forum
    => Automate your IM - Powered by vBulletin

    => IM4Newbies Internet Marketing Discussion Forum
  2. terraleads
  3. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    Hey Shane, good seeing you over here again!

    WOWser! Thanks for the comprehensive list or resources.
    I have most of those listed throughout the niche forum,
    but it's good to have so many of them all in one list.

    In fact I'm going to move this to the niche forum, but I'll also leave
    a re-direct here in the tools forum so people can find it either place.

    Thanks again!
  4. its_me_shaners

    its_me_shaners New Member

    Hey Linda. I lurk quite a bit (few times/week) I only post when I have something useful to contribute. Just trying to as helpful as I can be.
    Have a great Saturday
  5. k9gta

    k9gta Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you.

    I appreciate your provided information.

    I LOVED the Google trends especially!

    I had no IDEA it existed :D
  6. Chris83

    Chris83 New Member

    Wow this is a really awesome list, great job and thanks for sharing it too! :cool:
  7. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    I wanted to cross link this thread with a stickie resource list I started awhile back. It has some of the same but also some additional niche resources.

    <a href="http://affiliate-marketing-forums.5staraffiliateprograms.com/niche-marketing/5750-niche-tools-main-link-list-important-resources.html#post15965">Niche Tools MAIN Link List - IMPORTANT Resources</a>

    Everyone feel free to add to the list above as you find more good niche-finding tools.
  8. spressnell

    spressnell Affiliate affiliate

    That is a really awesome list. It's nice to have in one spot.

  9. jbirdmanjr

    jbirdmanjr Affiliate affiliate

    Cool list, here is one that I like to use

    SpyFu. See what the competitors are doing as well.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 31, 2009
  10. amig

    amig Affiliate affiliate

    wow thanks for that looooong list.
    i just copied and pasted it to textpad. will check over it in time..!
  11. quotes242

    quotes242 Affiliate affiliate

    This is really a cool list. I would like to add that one very good tool for keyword research is KeyworrSpy.
  12. amichael

    amichael Affiliate affiliate

    Very good stuff, man!

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