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10% commission on all web design sales

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by SD2001, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. SD2001

    SD2001 Guest

    10% commission on all web design sales

    Affiliate Registration

    Make money with our affiliate program today, SD2001.net cares about how to help its partners and customers see and reap benefits from their web presence made possible by our services. Now you have the opportunity to become one of our partner's, you can get profit from web development by directly participating in this process. Our affiliate program provides maximum comfort for our partners, simply place our banner or build a link to us on you website and that's it - while we are doing our job, you earn an extra income.

    Why participate in the Affiliate Program?

    Increase the profit from your site - No matter which products or services you offer at your web site, there is no reason why you cannot sell websites from your website and make money in this manner. You will have a commission of 10% from every sale you bring. Our average customer buys products of ?1000, so you have a chance to get ?100!

    Add value to your site - More services - more traffic. More traffic - more customers. More customers - more money! Add one more service to your site, and you'll see your traffic and income increase.

    We track your visitors - As somebody clicks to our site through yours, he receives our cookies. And if he returns to make a deal, after days, months, years his browser retrieves these cookies to us and you immediately get your money.

    Watch your income increase - Want to see how it's working? It's simple. Just login and look at real-time statistics.

    Free and Easy - Registration is absolutely free. Just fill in the registration form and join.

    Choose or order the banner that suits you.

    View our banner links here, these must be used by all Affiliates, if we don't have a style to suit your website please contact us at [email protected].

    Still got questions?

    View our Frequently Asked Questions and read the terms of our best Affiliate Program Agreement.

    Affiliate FAQ
    Affiliate Agreement
    Affiliate Registration
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