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  1. Nizar Ali

    6 Ways You Can Boost Your YouTube Earnings with Affiliate Marketing

    YouTube advertising is a great way to create a steady stream of revenue. But in your initial days, the revenue you make out of ads may not amount to anything much. Don’t lose heart if you are not squeezing enough juice through YouTube ads alone. There are many other ways to put your YouTube...
  2. Shourove saha

    YouTube Video Traffic For Working On Lead Generation ??

    Hello Does anyone use to youtube for lead generation? It's working to generate targeted leads? Can anyone help me? Thanks.
  3. fantastic mr. fox

    Ultimate Guide on the Affiliate Marketing on Youtube in 2019

    Gone are the days, when you could spam the comments with the affiliate links. If you want to make 10$ it’s fine but if we are speaking about real cash then you are welcome to our ultimate guide that is going to lead your way in the vastness of YouTube. Today, YouTube is the most popular video...
  4. David Mali

    Make Tons of Affiliate Commissions With Youtube

    hey guys here is why you need to start doing video marketing !
  5. David Mali

    Best ways to get more views on Youtube?

    Hello Affix members i need a few tips to get more views on my videos Free/Paid but organic thanks

    Hi! Glad to be here.

    Hi, I have just started journey here in AffiliateFix. I am an expert youtube marketer (I think so, lol). I have been into IM for over 4 years now and have worked on lot of sectors (like teespring, cpa, affiliate product promotion etc). But now I love working on youtube and drive traffic from...
  7. ChuwiDev

    Hi everybody!

    Hello, my name is Chuwi and I want to start with CPA-marketing. I'm a beginner and wanna try at first simple things like gaming, dating, service, mobile installs etc. with youTube video production, presentations etc. This is a great forum to find all kind of information, so I hope to discover...
  8. S

    im a youtuber

    im a newbie and im looking for a new ways to get more views and subscribes on my chanel on youtube .
  9. Shohrab Hossain

    CPA With Youtube!!!!

    Hello marketer, please tell me the process about promote CPA offer with Youtube. If wanna give me a example video in this process this are very helpfull for me. Thanks in Advance