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  1. Honeybadger

    Can you make money with Wordpress Plugins in 2021?

    Does anyone know if you can generate affiliate commission by recommending Wordpress plug-in installations? Here's an example of what I'm thinking --> Affiliate creates Wordpress theme (or pays a developer) Affiliate lists Wordpress theme on search User installs Wordpress theme...
  2. Honeybadger

    A Simple Way To Do SEO in 2021 (with Wordpress & Yoast)

    Identify product to promote | Find keyword query volume A. Less than 1,000/month ? <--| |--> B. More than 1,000/month? | If A, < 1,000 find new keyword If B, > 1,000 create new page/post* | You will need to find out what Google thinks the user intent is for your keyword query, which is done by...
  3. D

    SEO: Yoast doesn't recognize the key phrase

    Hey guys! I wrote a blog post in Wordpress but Yoast keeps telling me the SEO is poor - low keywords density, key phrase missing in title/meta description, although it's there. Who knows how to fix it? It doesn't happen to other posts..
  4. D

    Yoast Doesn't see Keyphrase

    Hey guys! I have uploaded a blog post on Wordpress and surely updated its keywords, although Yoast keeps setting my SEO as "needs improvement" due to 0 focus keyphrases found in text. While I know I put like 20 there. Does anyone know why is it happening? I didn't have this problem with...
  5. goblog

    [ASK] The Best Setting Yoast Plugin?

    i want to ask, how?