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  1. Gremzilla

    For Hire Lonely Copywriter Seeks Affiliate Partner For Swimming In Riches

    Dear friend, My name is Jeremy, and I am lonely... Let me explain: There was a time not so long ago when my days were filled with sunshine, joy, and happiness. The smell of freshly brewed coffee and buttery croissants from my local bakery filled my mornings as I would sit down at my laptop...
  2. R

    Hello all, I can't tell you how pleased I am to be here with all of you Killer Marketers!

    My name is Bob Silver and, I've been doing Online Marketing in some form or another since 2006 when, I started with the man who started PPC Coach, Will Hameril. I'm older now and, taking the Online Marketing thing much more seriously now which brings me here today. Let's all learn and make money...
  3. Akeentech

    Partnership Partners wanted

    I want a like-minded partners who we can work together to achieve great results. I have blog ( to monetize, you can be a coach at the same time.
  4. Warren Goodenow

    Warren at Chimorel here. Let's get to know each other.

    Warren Goodenow with Chimorel Services here. My life’s mission is to help people solve problems and achieve goals, one life at a time. I have developed a simple goal setting process I implement through Chimorel, a nonprofit I started in 1972. We have a website filled with over 2000 strategies...