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  1. LinkGenius

    Feedback Feedback On WordPress Affiliate Link Manager Plugin LinkGenius Requested

    In this post, I would like to introduce you to a WordPress plugin for affiliates I've developed called LinkGenius. I'm seeking individuals who are interested in testing out LinkGenius and providing feedback to enhance its functionality and better meet the needs of affiliate marketeers...
  2. bibiq

    Affiliates Wanted Scrollsequence - Changing the web browsing experience to cinematic, visual adventure. Up to 621$ CPA. Average 30$ CPA. 30% Commission.

    It's 2021, technology is evolving at a rapid pace, 5G promises out-of-this-world download speeds and availability. Let's take advantage of technology and become part of the revolution in how web content is displayed and consumed. We aim to change the web experience from "reading a static...
  3. AmNovice

    Best Plugin For Price Fetching?

    Currently setting up a website for amazon associates products and I'm trying to figure out how to fetch prices for the products I'll be promoting. Is there a WP plugin that allows you to fetch real-time prices from Amazon? Furthermore, what's the best way to ensure that currencies are region...
  4. 100kinvesting

    For affiliate managers: Plug-ins or Platforms? Why?

    Hi, everyone. I'm just wanting some feedback. Do you use an affiliate plug-in (like for a Word Press Site), or a Platform (like Share A Sale)? Why do you use what you use? If you started with a Free Plug-in, did you upgrade to a paid version of the Plug-in, or upgrade to a full platform...
  5. IAmUnstoppable

    Looking for fake comments scheduler plugin for Wordpress

    Hey, I need a plugin to schedule fake comments, possibly from fake accounts, over days and maybe weeks. Is there such plugin for Wordpress? Or, is there a way around it to do it? Your response is highly appreciated.
  6. imrolling

    Wordpress plugin to show ads based upon Device and location

    Hello fellow members I have a wordpress website which receives traffic from different countries and users use different devices like Desktops, Apple devices and android devices. I am looking for a wordpress plugin or a script that does the following I want to display ads based upon user...