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  1. X

    Hey Everyone! Paige, CEO Of Earth & Elle here to introduce myself

    Hey Everyone! My name is Paige I am the CEO & Founder of Earth and Elle. We are a vegan, cruelty free supplement brand that is 100% women owned. 80% of our employees are female. We create a range of supplements that are beneficial for your hair, skin, & nails. Our IG & FB is @xoearthandelle
  2. Ronald Meador

    Proprietary Biophysics Technology In Wellness Offerings

    I am Ronald Meador and my background is in Organic Chemistry and Quantum Biology. Right! So what am I doing here? Well no life stories today. I am going to get right into what can be in it for you. I am the president of Radiant Skin Sciences. Our brands are Dermagena and Performa-XL. Some...
  3. L

    Offer Wanted Hi! Looking for tested health offers :)

  4. NoomCoach

    Affiliates Wanted Health & Wellness Affiliate Program, High CPA + Bonuses

    Hello, We are actively looking for new affiliates with the ability to reach people who are interested in improving their health. NoomCoach is a popular web ( and mobile product that has been featured by multiple news outlets and has grown organically, but now we've just launched our...
  5. Sola Anidugbe

    Health Products

    Hi. My name is Sola Anidugbe from Nigeria. I sell products related to Health and Wellness. I want to learn more about affiliate marketing and be a guru at it.