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  1. Eaton Kramer

    Seeking Help Testing The Source Video Search service

    Hello all! I'm currently seeking a webmaster who is interested in installing a widget on their website or on one or more pages of website. The widget is designed to search for the source video according to the passage that the user is watching. This could be a compilation, an excerpt from a...
  2. AdSpyglass

    AdSpyglass Content Corner: Tips and Insights for webmasters

    Hi everyone! :affiliatefix: Welcome to AdSpyglass Content Corner This is an educational thread for website owners and publishers. We're going to talk about: - running websites - website monetization - technical tips and administration - SEO and promotion - tips for webmasters We'll be sharing...
  3. IrakliC

    How people read websites and where to place an ad block

    Webmaster’s revenue directly depends on the places where ad blocks will be placed on the website. The question is “where is the most profitable space to place ad blocks, and not to lose any of potential income?". You don't have to go far to find the answer: trust your intuition, borrow someone...
  4. Abril

    Looking For HQ traffic and offers for ES & IT (CPL)

    We want you! have you got dating traffic or in-house dating offers for ES and IT? Si eres un afiliado o un anunciante en España, ¡te estamos buscando! Sei un affiliato o un advertiser italiano? Stiamo cercando proprio te! Contact us now!
  5. xlovecash

    Ask Me Anything Your new XClone interface : the freedom to choose

    Dear affiliate, Many of you have asked us and today we are pleased to announce the launch of our new tool for webmasters: the XClone interface You can now manage and operate your own XClone which becomes 100% customizable. Now you can choose and control the design of your XClone yourself: •...
  6. A

    Help needed: looking for forums with the Japanese webmasters

    Hello everyone! Has anyone had experience of communicating with the webmasters in the Japanese forums? I'm looking for the forums in Japan where I can contact the Japanese webmasters and ask them about their experience and about the traffic. Does anyone know such forums and can advise...
  7. Abraham DiGiAff

    Buying Traffic Looking for CPI Mobile Traffic

    Hello Folks, Hope you are doing well. We are looking direct inventory for our direct CPI mobile offers or 1 Jump offers with high payout. Top Geo : US,UK,CA,KR,JP,ID OS: IOS/AOS if you have please let me know
  8. xlovecash

    Vegas - Internext

    Hi Affiliate Fix, The team will be hitting the affiliate adult show in Vegas, Internext, Jan 22nd to Jan 26th. If you are in the area or if you are attending...reach out so we can have a quick chat about any business opportunities you would like to discuss in regards to our affiliate program...
  9. Affmy

    Announcement ️Black Friday Deals at Affmy ️

    Hey Guys, Black Friday is almost upon us and we are feeling generous here at Affmy! Don’t miss a 10% rate increase on our exclusive offers: Offers are valid on 23-25 November and available with special Black Friday banners, pre-landers, and best...
  10. locpicker

    Hi everyone.

    I have been involved with the internet for 20 years in most areas including the catch all of being a professional webmaster. The internet was what I always did after my regular jobs when I got home and when I had any other free time. Over the years as my health has declined this is my full...
  11. jowel

    Looking to buy webmasters traffic

    Hello, we are interested in buy webmasters traffic from your blogs, resources, forums oriented for webmasters. We are interested in blog posts, hardlinks, campaigns, and more .. Are you interested? Write me PM.
  12. xlovecash

    Affiliates Wanted Affiliates Wanted - Great Offers

    Good Day Affiliate Fix, My name is Dave and I am an affiliate account manager with I am often found on the welcome committee in introduction feed. Love the community and happy to an active member. I am offering you the opportunity to have your own free white-label webcam site and...
  13. xlovecash

    Affiliates Wanted XloveCash - Tired of Adult offers that don't work?

    Affiliate Fix My name is Dave and I am an affiliate account manager with We are always looking for new partnerships. I am offering you the opportunity to have your own white-label webcam site and other great marketing tools. I would like you to become a partner with our affiliate...
  14. FXORO Affiliates

    Looking For Publishers - Forex/CFDs - CPA

    Hello Guys, Are you a webmaster, publisher, guru who can market a licensed Forex brand? We are looking forward to hear from you. Amazing CPA commissions are offered in return! FXORO Affiliates
  15. FXORO Affiliates

    Buying Traffic Buying Forex/CFDs. Up to $1,000 CPA. Licensed Broker!

    www FXORO com Forex, CFD traffic. Using our compliant Landing Pages and materials. Licensed broker. Sales team with over 5 years Forex experience. No prepayment for leads - performance CPA. Highest CPA in industry! World Class tracking system + API + Pixel + Full Media kit. For more information...
  16. FXORO Affiliates

    Looking For WEBMASTERS - Financial, Forex, Binary

    Dear Webmasters, FXORO has launched special promotional conditions for Webmasters who own websites with Financial, Forex or Binary content. For your attention FXORO is a licensed broker and our Affiliate Program offers up to $1,000 CPA per qualified trader. For more information you can...
  17. FXORO Affiliates

    Buying Traffic Promote Forex/CFDs. Up to $1,000 CPA. Licensed Broker! Clear Terms!

    FXORO Forex, CFD traffic. Using our compliant Landing Pages and materials. Licensed broker. AMs with over 5 years sales experience. No prepayment for leads - performance CPA. Highest CPA in industry! World Class tracking system + API + Pixel + Full Media kit. For more information or to ask HOW...
  18. Reza Rifai

    City Ads - CPA Introductions

    Hello - Very warmth greetings from City Ads, Kindly introduce, I am Reza that has been assigned from City Ads - the global technology platform for online performance marketing powered by big data! to reach you due to offer as City Ads premium publisher networks program, of course with CPA Model...
  19. Maxim Terraleads

    TerraLeads is searching webmasters/publishers for German speaking CPA market

    TerraLeads is a CPA Affiliates Network that lists CPA offers from a wide range of recognized brands. Being registered as an affiliate, you can promote our offers with your chosen advertising format, earning a defined commission per action. This action is a purchase. When this action is achieved...
  20. V

    What really matters for publishers when choosing how and who to monetize their traffic with?

    Hi Guys, We recently launched our self-serve platform that enables publishers to monetize their site's / app's inventory through high quality video ads and were wondering what really matters for you when choosing how and who to monetize your traffic with? It would be great to hear what you think...