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webcam affiliate

  1. P

    webcam affiliate

    Hi! I want to use the CB affiliate program to increase my earnings. I am not seeking to spam. I want to do it properly. I m a bit reluctant about the fact that the whole thing may be bullshit despite of many webcam boys and girls who have sustained the massive earnings they made by the means of...
  2. Graybeard

    $74.443 EPC *Per UNIQUE* ! Today

    1 day Feb 20, 2018 **earnings per UNIQUE can't edit the thread title? I got this whale that has been buying cam shows to the tune of $9318.7751 in MY rev-share in 2017 (last year) -- that means he bought over $30,000 in webcam shows last year -- congrats Greg you made me :) this morning "^,"...
  3. K

    Need guidance on driving FREE TRAFFIC to webcam sites

    I have just recently signed up for a webcam site as an affiliate(Chaturbate). I have started a Tumblr. I did follow some others on Tumblr and did get negligible clicks with NO conversion. I am wondering how to drive target, converting free traffic from Tumblr, and other social media platforms...
  4. ClickCashStacy

    Official ClickCash

    ClickCashStacy submitted a new resource: ClickCash - The Home of the iFriends Video Chat Network Affiliate Program Read more about this resource...