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  1. williamrs

    Complete Guide For Affiliates On How To Deal With Facebook Ad Account Bans

    Disclaimer The goal of this guide is to show you how to keep a healthy Facebook ad account. The information you'll find in the next pages has come from years of experience as an advertiser on Facebook as well as working with other internet marketers and digital agencies on their Facebook...
  2. thehustler

    Bing Ads and AdWords Account

    Hey, need to know that: 1) Can I have multiple separate Bing Ads and AdWords account on multiple outlook emails and Gmails? 2) I'm really having a problem integrating my card into Bing Ads. I think MS is noob lol. When I'm integrating the card, the processing and transaction of the small...
  3. thehustler

    How to get a google voice number?

    Hey, I have been trying to get a google voice number and I used 2Line, TextMe, TextFree apps but google voice is NOT accepting these to forward the calls. I am already using VPN and default country code in my Gmail account is set to the US but can't get past the forwarding verification. Any...
  4. Prince.AdSenceMedia

    Buying Google Voice Number looking for to buy

    Want New York City based newly created fresh USA Google Voice number. Price will be discussed in chat. Want it asap. Lets Chat. Thanks.