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  1. PayV

    Affiliates Wanted Anyone with TURKISH traffic here?

    Hey all! PayV gladly announces its new arrivals: direct offers for Turkey. What makes them so special? The services we'd like to highlight today are high trusted around the country. Users love the and are open to install and use every day. Check them out! BILYONER First legal betting...
  2. Bloody Tourist

    Turkish traffic FINALLY paying off... 37.7% ROI so far!

    With ever rising CPC for popular geo's I've been looking for new opportunities in countries with cheaper CPC on native networks like Mgid and RevContent. I've already had a lot of succes in Asia with nutra offers, but somehow I couldn't get my Turkey campaigns in the green. I've been fucking...
  3. makerwind

    Newbie Here

    Hi to everyone, my name is Fatih and i am living Turkey. I started my internet business like 10 years before by creating websites to other peoples. Year by year my experiences to win more on internet growth as well. Now, i am also in the affiliate marketing and trying to reach my best. I...