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  1. RogRoggy

    Is tumglr still alive?

    What do you think, is there a way to make money there in 2023? If so, could you advise how?
  2. seangugerty

    Free Tumblr/Website Popunder script

    I had a bit of a time when I was beginning obtaining a quick and efficient popunder script that penetrates Chrome browsers block every time. But thankfully my affiliate hooked me up. I hope this helps some of you out! May the conversions be with you! The code you can store anywhere on your...
  3. soy lelo

    I need a new Tumblr bot.

    Can anyone here recommend me a new Tumblr bot? I've been using Tumbling Jazz but it's getting increasingly unstable lately. It must be able to handle the basics. Follow, unfollow, scrape images, que, stats, and must be able to handle mutliple accounts and proxies.
  4. soy lelo

    How many Tumblr blogs do you have?

    For anyone who uses Tumblr, about how many blogs do you have and about how long do they last before Tumblr cancels them? The reason I ask is I have about 15+ NSFW Tumblrs going at any one time of varying ages. Anywhere from a few weeks to several months old. (I haven't been doing this for very...