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  1. J

    Seeking Help Clickrate on Trafficjunky (Newbie)

    Hello Affiliate Friends, I have just launched my first campaign on trafficjunky yesterday. The click rate is very low right now and the clicks cost about 20ct. I know after testing the values will go down but I don't know what values I should be looking for. So what's a good impression to...
  2. M

    How to filter trash traffic in adult affiliate?

    I want to try the adult affiliate. I saw in a YouTube video people doing CrackRevenue + TrafficJunky / Exoclick and having very good results. Now I see people in forums saying that in this type of traffic you have to filter a lot of spam and trash traffic, does anyone know how to do it? I also...
  3. dusanandrle

    Real traffic sources

    Hey all, i am looking for new trafic sources (Facebook, AdSense etc. we have ... I'm looking for another way) for my projects. I've found many sources where to buy traffic, but also many bad reviews. I have a few selected sources that interested me, can I know your opinions? Real traffic, will...
  4. M

    (Traffic Junky) Bids question. NEWBIE

    Hi guys, i am new to (traffic junky). i have a question if someone can help me. is there any way i can have hourly reports of my campains (eCPM, CPC...) ? All i found is daily reports.
  5. editory

    Adult journey to 5000 usd per month

    Hello friends! English is not my native language, sorry for the future mistakes. In affiliate marketing over 4 months, all that time I spent on learning... Target: 5000 usd per Month or 160 usd per Day Niche: Adult(cam/paysites) - Pops, banners Tracker: Voluum (already purchased) Spy...
  6. trafficjunky

    Selling Traffic New Targeting Features on Tube8 Mobile

    Hey guys, Time to have a look at your TJ campaigns. We've just added OS and Mobile Connection targeting on Tube8 Mobile. Here's everything you need to know! Cheers,
  7. Axel_inferno09

    Review A question regarding adult ad networks.

    Anyone has had successes with adult ad networks like- trafficjunky,exoclick or juicy ads? i have used exoclick in the past- i deposited $200, promoted a good SOI offer (i was earning good with this offer from free traffic)however on exoclick,all money busted up without getting a single...
  8. Mr.Owen

    Anyone has somebody from TrafficJunky on skype?

    Guys I am trying to get in touch with Trafficjunky but they are not so responsive on skype for whatever reason. I need someone who is in contact with at least one of their team members! I've been setting up an advertisers account there and want to get approved to add some money to my account...