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  1. C

    How to identify bot traffic? Tracking tools recommendation needed

    Hi everyone! I'm quite new to affiliate marketing and just started to buy traffic from a few platforms (e.g. propeller, traffichunt, etc.) I am using OpenTracker and able to see strange traffic coming to my offer page. Those traffic are mainly coming from an ISP I never heard of, and the IP...
  2. moniking25

    How to Use Traffic hunt with Voluum

    hello everyone hi hope i can get some help from you guys yesterday i have signed up for traffic hunt and i have pasted marcos inside traffic sources in voluum and pasted correct postback to send data to traffic source but when i go to variables section and when i click on some variables like...
  3. TrafficHunt

    Meet Up TrafficHunt attends Moscow Affiliate Conference 2017 Autumn Edition

    Hi guys, We are heading to Moscow, and on Sep 28 we are open for personal talks during the MAC 2017 Autumn Edition. Planning to visit the conference? Book your time to meet with our team.